Dubai Police

Dubai Police is a primary force of the UAE Police. Their objective is to make life better in the country by following the law and ensuring that the community and everyone in the country stays safe and secure. In line with the same mission, the government also introduced smart police stations in recent years. 

Dubai Police Cars:

Law enforcement and luxury are the two words that describe well Dubai police cars. Dubai Police’s unique ways of law enforcement have received worldwide attention; they operate in luxurious, expensive supercars to help enforce the law and maintain safety in the area. Dubai Police use the fastest cars in the world and spend vast amounts of money on these automobiles.

Dubai police cars are not only for attraction and pictures:

Dubai Police cars are more than just fancy-looking. They also play an essential role in keeping the community safe and enforcing the law. These cars have modern technology and parts to help stop crime. Fancy cars are used in certain places like tourist spots, public events, and schools to keep people safe on the road and be good community members by respecting the rules and not disobeying the laws of Dubai, UAE.

Dubai police cars list:

Some of the most famous, fast, and luxury cars:

Bugatti Veyron

1,000+ horsepower
Nissan GT-R 550+ horsepower
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 570+ horsepower
Lamborghini Avendator 700+ horsepower
Ferrari FF 660 horsepower
Aston Martin One-77 750 hosepower
Audi R8 540 horsepower
Chevrolet Camaro SS

455 horsepower

Some interesting facts about Dubai Police cars:

  1. Luxury and Supercars: Dubai Police is renowned for its remarkable collection of upscale and high-performance automobiles employed for surveillance, encompassing famous carmakers.
  2. High-tech Features: The police cars in Dubai contain many technologies that help them keep the area safe, such as surveillance systems, high-speed cameras, fingerprint scanners, and facial recognition software. 
  3. Social Media Presence: Dubai Police’s fleet of impressive cars is famous on social media, with tourists and residents sharing photos online. Dubai Police promotes innovative police cars on social media.
  4. Guinness World Records: Dubai Police has established several records for its police vehicles. For example, Dubai Police broke the record for the fastest police vehicle in use in 2013 by adding a Bugatti Veyron into their fleet, with a top speed of almost 400 km/h (248 mph).

dubai police car

Electric cars are among Dubai police cars:

The Dubai Police has added electric vehicles to their fleet as well. Due to their zero exhaust emission and use of electricity as their source of power, these electric vehicles are known they can assist to in reducing air pollution and promoting a cleaner environment. In addition, the force is known for having a flashy fleet of Chase cars, and now the force has added Tesla Cybertruck in addition to other electric vehicles such as the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Dubai police cars – reflect the growth of Dubai:

The Dubai Police’s use of fast police cars not only serves to improve their operational efficiency but also to represent the growth and development of the city.


Why does Dubai police use fast cars?

There are many reasons why Dubai is using these fast and fancy cars in its fleet. These cars make the response faster; they assist in traffic enforcement, are loaded with massive horsepower, and improve the city’s image. 

What is the most expensive and luxurious police car in Dubai?

Bugatti Veyron is the most expensive and luxurious car on the Dubai police car list nowadays, and it is worth: $4 Million.

Does Dubai police have Rolls Royce?

Dubai Police has included Rolls Royce luxury cars in their fleet. These vehicles are often used for community engagement and public relations rather than traditional police duties such as pursuing criminals or responding to emergencies.

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