The United Arabs Emirates (UAE) is more than just an area that contains skyscrapers, modern designs, and shopping malls. It is for more than just tourists and visitors for a short time. 

UAE is setting high standards for a better future for its citizens and residents. It offers different types of VISAS, including the “Freelance Visa”The UAE has become a hub for entrepreneurs, talents, creativity and skilled people aiming to advance and grow. Because of its consistency in making UAE a better environment for these types of people by providing opportunities to get a “Freelance visa,” individuals can become their boss by owning The UAE freelance visa.

UAE Freelance Visa Specifications:

Freelancer’s Visa Dubai is a type of UAE residency. Therefore you and your family members are authorized to live and work there for one to five years. The freelance permits are available for UAE nationals, citizens, residents, and non-residents. For anyone who wants to work freely without being sponsored by a company, the UAE offers the option of a freelancing visa.

UAE Freelance Visa Specifications

 The “Freelancer Visa,” commonly known as the freelance Visa, is offered to people who meet specific requirements.

The requirements:

Freelance VISA  in Dubai is for RESIDENT and NON-RESIDENTS:

For residents:

    • Must hold a valid residence visa and UAE ID card.
    • They may need to submit a no-objection certificate from their current sponsor.
    • Able to apply for this Visa in person or through relevant authorities online.
  • They can work both (as a freelancer and as an employer in a company).

For non-residents:

  • Must hold a valid entry permit, such as a tourist or visit visa.
  • Need to provide proof of entry into the UAE (Passport).
  • You must apply for the Freelancer Permit in person at the relevant authorities, as online applications are not available for now for non-residents.
  • If they get a freelance permanent, they cannot work as an employee well in a company in the UAE.

However, if you are a resident in the UAE or a non-resident, these documents are a must: A recent photograph, proof of funds, UAE phone number, bank statements, and resume or CV.

Steps to get a Freelance VISA in UAE:

Steps to get a Freelance VISA in UAE

  • Determine your eligibility: Some professions, like those of artists, authors, and programmers and those who work in the tech field, education field, media and design field etc…… are eligible for freelance visas. 
  • Gather required documents: If you are an employee in the UAE, you must collect a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer, your passport, and documentation proving your residency.
  • Apply for a freelancing permit: You must apply for a freelance permit with the appropriate Emirate authority. For example, in Dubai, you must submit your application through the Dubai Media City (DMC) or Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) authorities.
  • To obtain a residence visa, you must first have your freelance permit approved. Further paperwork is required, such as a medical fitness certificate and confirmation of health insurance.
  • Register with relevant authorities: Depending on your job, you might need to register with specific authorities.

List of authorities:

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) or Dubai Media City (DMC) for creative professionals, Dubai Knowledge and Human Development, Authority (KHDA) for education-related professions, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) for IT professionals, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic, Development (ADDED) for business-related professions, Fujairah Creative City for creative and media-related professions.

  • Renew your freelance Visa: A freelancer’s Visa can be extended for three years. To prevent any penalties, make sure you renew your Visa before it expires.

Note to consider:

It is important to note that the Freelancer Permit does not provide a pathway to permanent residency or citizenship in the UAE.


Work Restrictions: if you got a Freelancer permit, consider that some professions demand a specific license or certification.

Taxes: you are required to pay taxes on your income once you become a freelancer in the UAE.

People seeking to work as freelancers in the UAE benefit from being their boss and offering services in their specific fields. It is necessary to understand the limitations and specifications of the Visa they are applying for.


What is the cheapest freelance Visa in the UAE?

The establishment card in Dubai costs AED 2,000 and is only acceptable for a year before needing to be renewed.

Is freelance Visa legal in the UAE?

Everyone is eligible for a freelance permit and a freelance visa. After ensuring you have prepared all necessary paperwork and are qualified.

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