Over the last couple of years, Dubai’s health scene has been giving birth to a new wellness concept almost every month. In such a scenario it’s become almost impossible to stick to your pre-conceived notions about healthy food.
Even the once vegan-food skeptics have turned a corner as the city’s new crop of animal product-free restaurants have forced us all to accept this one simple fact: vegan food can be just as delicious.
We’re not kidding! Visit any of the vegan restaurants in Dubai and you’ll find bowls bursting with goodness to burgers, lasagnas, and even vegan ice cream. Here is our pick of Dubai’s top vegan restaurants:


This burger restaurant chain from New York isn’t just for carnivores! With two delicious vegan burgers on the menu, this is your place to satisfy your vegan burger cravings in the city. Its signature dish – the vegan and gluten-free Farmstead – is made of sweet potatoes, quinoa, alfalfa, romaine, tomatoes, hummus and lemon dressing wrapped in a collard green leaf. Drooling yet?
The other burger, called The Guadalupe, is a rice and black bean patty with guacamole pickle jalapeno, tomatoes and alfalfa with a multi-grain bun.


Pinza has been popping up at events all over Dubai and they do vegan pizzas!! This restaurant makes hands-down, the best vegan pizza in Dubai. Period.
Take a bite of its cheese-less El Padrino pizza, customized with vegan cheese, smoked vegan sausages, mushrooms, basil and chili flakes on top – you will be dreaming of a second serving as soon as you finish it. Made from a crunchy dough base made up of 80 per cent water and 20 per cent flour, Pinza’s pizzas are healthy, light and delicious.

Circle Cafe

One of the favorite haunts of the Dubai Media City office workers, Circle Cafe is a vegans’ delight. With a dedicated vegan section on its menu featuring a cauliflower and barbecue chickpea flatbread, brown rice noodles with edamame, and apple and cinnamon tacos with coconut cream, Circle Cafe literally has everything to satisfy all your vegan needs.

Organic Foods & Café

Organic Foods and Café are a family run company that runs organic supermarkets and cafés selling fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skin care, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. With 4 shops in Dubai, the vegan food chain is your place to be whenever you’re looking for that organic food fix.

Super Natural Kitchen

This vegan, raw, plant based and gluten-free restaurant at The Dubai Mall is the perfect place for a foodie who wants creative and delicious vegan meals. It also offers classes where you can learn how to make your own Kombucha or Raw Cheesecake.

Comptoir 102

Searching for a quaint, healthy café? Check out Comptoir 102. The restaurant offers nutritious vegan options, while the store features breathtaking furniture, home decor, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Check out some of the handmade furniture, then wind down with some delicious vegan turmeric ice cream.


Not only is Menagarie one of the choicest casual eateries in town (the light and bright interiors are seriously on point), but it also serves up vegan food good enough to hook even the most committed meat-eater. Some of the fan favorite menu items include mocha and vanilla pancakes with cashew dip, figs, and maple syrup, raw falafel on dehydrated crisp bread drizzled with tahini, raw pad Thai, ‘Mac No Cheese’, and spiced lentils on toast with smashed Avo.

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