It is compulsory for every individual to have a residence visa if they plan to live and work in the UAE. Without this, one can’t buy residential properties or invest in any sector, let alone real estate. Furthermore, a person won’t be able to find yourself a job in the UAE if they don’t have a valid residence visa.

Other than that, it offers numerous benefits as well. Residence visa holders can open their bank account in the UAE, apply for personal and car loans with banks, have access to health services offered by the government, etc. Furthermore, they can also search for properties for sale in UAE, if they plan to invest in any of the seven emirates.

There is an extensive procedure one has to go through in order to get a residence visa in the UAE. An integral part of this process is to get your medical tests done. Every applicant is required to undergo a comprehensive set of medical tests to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria as levied by the UAE authorities. These include X-ray and blood tests for HIV, tuberculosis, leprosy, Hepatitis B & C, syphilis, and pregnancy.

In case, the result of an HIV test comes out positive, the applicant is deported as their residence VISA application is denied. If they suffer from other diseases, they are offered different solutions based on the ailment. It can be a treatment, isolation or deportation in some cases as well.

From Where Can You Get Your Medical Tests in Dubai

For the emirates ID and UAE residence visa, you need to get tests done in the emirate you will be staying in. Also, medical tests conducted in any other country are not accepted. The tests need to be done in a government authorized facility, not private centers.

In Dubai, medical tests for residence visa purpose can be done in these facilities:

  •       Airport Medical Clinic
  •       Al Bada’a Health Centre
  •       Al Khawaneej Health Centre
  •       Al Lusaily Health Centre
  •       Al Mankhool Health Centre
  •       Al Muhaisanah                    
  •       Al Quoz Medical Fitness Center
  •       Al Safa Health Center
  •       Al Satwa Medical Centre                                     
  •       Al Twar Health Centre
  •       Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
  •       Dubai International Financial Centre
  •       Dubai Knowledge Village Clinic
  •       Emirates Airline
  •       Jebel Ali Health Centre 
  •       Karama Medical Fitness Centre
  •       Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Centre
  •       Occupational Health Centre
  •       Rashidiya Medical Fitness Centre
  •       Satwa Medical Fitness Centre
  •       Tawajod Service

Before heading to any of these centers in Dubai, make sure you have gathered all the required information such as their opening and closing hours, types of services offered, eligibility criteria (if any), location, and charges.

Remember the fact that for some tests, samples may be taken at your home. Once you have given the samples and tests are conducted, it will take a few days for the reports to be produced. You will be notified when they are. Then, you can resume your residence visa application in the UAE.

Note: If you live other than Dubai, ensure you have the relevant information about medical facilities located in the particular city or area you will get your medical tests done from.

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