The emirate of Dubai is popular among tourists as well as investors and businesses due to modern amenities. Moreover, it ranks in the world’s top places when it comes to luxurious hospitality. The real estate sector, in particular, attracts investors from across the globe. Although there are various communities in Dubai one of the top locations in the emirate that everyone wants to be a part of is Dubai Marina. 

Laced with modern amenities, the top-ranking locality for the last few years has gained even more attention this year. That’s because the coastline that it covers up with beachfront residential complexes are getting filled. Be it villas for sale or apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, investors and buyers have been grabbing these offers with both hands. That’s because it nestles some projects that come with some of the world’s most luxurious facilities and amenities.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Stella Maris – Waterfront Property

Stella Maris is the last waterfront development that is going to appear in Dubai Marina. Even though the project has reached almost 35% completion, it’s getting a lot of attention from both locals and ex-pats. Being an off-plan property, foreign and local investors are jumping at the opportunity to get their hands on the most profitable returns they can get.

The development offers state of the art amenities such as a private pool that overlooks the city’s skyscrapers. Furthermore, you’ll never feel the lack of green spaces in Stella Maris since the developers have focused significant attention on making it lively and eco-friendly. Private theatre rooms make it an attractive appeal for families and couples. The sauna and steam room along with fitness centres and gyms promise a proactive lifestyle that will provide everything residents can need inside the premises. For exclusive facilities, you can enter the private club of Stella Maris. For kids, you can have indoor as well as outdoor play areas.

Manchester Tower

It is developed by the Manchester Real Estate Group. The Manchester Tower is a remarkable beachfront residential community that offers 336 apartments spread across 30 storeys. These residential units come in different configurations i.e. 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments.

Manchester Tower offers abundant amenities and facilities. There are dedicated parking spots reserved for each resident. Moreover, top-notch security and HVAC systems, lobby, cafeteria space and a barbecue area make for an attractive environment. Other than all this, the development also offers gyms and fitness centres, spas, parks and sports areas nearby. Furthermore, the concierge services offered by the administration is some of the best in all of Dubai.

Marina Gate

Being one of the most popular residential communities in Dubai Marina. The Marina Gate offers state of the art amenities to its residents. Firstly, the development consists of 3 residential buildings that each provide luxury living spaces. The first two towers that are complete are 677 ft and 846 ft tall making up for 52 and 64 floors on each tower respectively. There are almost 8 elevators in Tower One and 9 elevators in Tower Two. The third tower is on its way to completion and will go up to be 56 floors high.

The iconic landmarks of Marina Gate offer a scenic podium that acts as a walkway between the towers. You can find luxury residences ranging from apartments to podium level villas as well. In addition to this, the project also consists of swimming pools and champion level sports courts. There are full-size basketball, squash and paddle tennis courts, dual-level fitness centre and an infinity pool with a separate one for kids.

 DEC Towers

Dheeraj Group and East Coast developers came together to launch this magnificent project in the Marina. After its inauguration in 2009, the two towers of 21 and 26 floors started receiving a lot of attention from investors and foreign residents because of the property being on freehold land. Since Pier 7 and the Dubai Marina Mall are nearby, the DEC towers enjoy great fame among the locals that aspire to live there.

The masterful planning of the DEC towers features 1,2 and 3-bedroom apartments along with luxuriously comfortable studio spaces as well. Apart from offering top-notch security, parking and concierge services, DEC Towers also feature fully equipped gyms and fitness centres. In addition to this, you also get daycare centres, jogging tracks, tennis courts, pools, sauna, steam and jacuzzi rooms and other modern amenities as well. Needless to say, you get the complete package of luxury lifestyle when you move into the premises.

There are a lot of projects offering different amenities that each hold fame and popularity of their own. However, it is recommended to hire the professional services of an agent when buying/renting a property in any of these projects. This advice must be followed if you are looking for a property for sale in Dubai, irrespective of the locality and type.

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