With 97,252 sales transactions in 2022, compared to 60,958 in 2021, the Dubai property market is on a record-breaking spree.

The combined value of these transactions in the preceding year amounted to 264.9B, which is more than 76 per cent as compared to AED 150.5B in 2021, according to data obtained from DXBInteract.

The changing Dubai property price trends in 2022 indicate the market is on the right track. Find out more about where property prices rose and fell in Dubai in this article.

Dubai Property Price Trends in 2022

The average property prices in Dubai witnessed an increase in 2021, touching nearly AED 1200 per square foot figure. It was AED 989 in 2021.

A further breakdown shows that the average price of apartments at AED 1 million, a 4 per cent increase from 2021. Similarly, villas reported a similar trend as the average price rose to AED 2.7 million.

Let’s delve deeper and find out area-wise price increase in the Dubai property market in 2022:

Dubai Property Price Trends in 2022 for Apartments

Dubai Property Prices Overview for Apartments (2022 vs 2021)
Area Price per square foot (AED) in 2021 Price per square foot (AED) in 2022 % Change Average price (AED) in 2021 Average Price (AED) in 2022 % Change
Business Bay 1428 1837 28.64% 1,157,280 1,260,890 8.95%
Dubai Marina 1994 2278 14.24% 2,000,000 2,100,000 5%
JVC 836 941 12.55% 590,000 642,000 8.81%
JLT 999 1031 3.20% 740,388 1,050,000 41.81%
Burj Khalifa Area 1949 2466 26.52% 2,294,444 2,369,444 3.26%
Palm Jumeirah 1848 2822 52.70% 2,200,000 3,708,800 68.58%


Business Bay

Business Bay has become the new business hub in the emirate. This mixed-use community features properties suitable for singletons, couples, and small families. Currently, the average price of Business Bay apartments has reached AED 1,260,890 from AED 1,157,280.

Dubai Marina

Properties in Dubai Marina are preferred by both locals and expatriates due to the area’s stunning beauty, upscale lifestyle, and proximity to major landmarks. On average, prices for apartments in Dubai Marina have jumped from AED 2,100,000 to AED 2,000,000.

Jumeirah Village Circle

A popular family-friendly community, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is located at the heart of new Dubai. The area, housing stunning gardens, several lifestyle amenities, and beautiful canals, remains highly popular among both buyers and renters. On average, apartments in JVC cost AED 642,000 compared to AED 590,000 in 2021.

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Set around four beautiful man-made lakes, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is another mixed-use community in Dubai with an easygoing and laid-back vibe. The ideal location, availability of modern amenities, and peaceful ambience attract many to buy apartments here.

The average price for JLT apartments has risen from AED 740,388 to AED 1,050,000.

Burj Khalifa Area

Home to the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa area needs no introduction. It is one of the most exclusive locations to own a property in Dubai. Compared to AED 2,294,444 in 2021, the average price here has jumped to AED 2,369,444.

Palm Jumeirah

A habitat of many celebrities and renowned personalities in the world, Palm Jumeirah is an exclusive community in Dubai known for its ultra-luxury apartments. In 2021, the average price of apartments in Palm Jumeirah was recorded at AED 2,200,000. It has now increased to AED 3,708,800.

Dubai Property Price Trends in 2022 for Villas


Dubai Property Prices Overview for Villas (2022 vs 2021)
Area Price per square foot (AED) in 2021 Price per square foot (AED) in 2022 % Change Average price (AED) in 2021 Average Price (AED) in 2022 % Change
Arabian Ranches 3 983 1045 6.30% 1,928,888 2,309,286 19.72%
Villanova 737 831 12.75% 1,525,500 1,673,000 9.66%
DAMAC Hills 2 690 703 1.88% 1,124,000 1,200,000 6.76%
Dubai Hills Estate 1049 1252 19.35% 4,100,000 5,100,000 24.39%
Emirates Living 766 891 16.31% 2,850,000 2,950,000 3.50%


Arabian Ranches 3

The premium villa community, Arabian Ranches, caters to families with its large and spacious houses available in different configurations.

Comparing the data from 2022 with 2021, the average price of Arabian Ranches 3 villas has increased to AED 2,309,286 from AED 1,928,888.


Located in Dubailand, Villanova is a freehold community developed by Dubai Properties. It features Mediterranean-themed townhouses and villas available in 2 to 5-bedroom configurations.

The average price of villas in Villanova was AED 1,525,500 in 2021. It reached AED 1,673,000 towards the end of 2022.

DAMAC Hills 2

Previously called Akoya Oxygen, DAMAC Hills 2 is a highly popular golf community in Dubai housing elegant houses in varying layouts. It’s an eco-friendly area that offers a quaint lifestyle away from the bustling city.

The average price for villas in DAMAC Hills 2 has reached AED 1,124,000 from AED 1,200,000.

Dubai Hills Estate

Part of MBR City, Dubai Hills Estate is a vast community covering an area of 2,700 acres. It attracts buyers, investors, and renters due to its calming ambience and the presence of state-of-the-art amenities and facilities.

In 2021, the average price of villas in Dubai Hills Estate was noted at AED 4,100,000.  It has now reached AED 5,100,000.

Emirates Living

Suitable for families, Emirates Living is the place where you will find your dream home. All the properties here come with private gardens and other advanced amenities. Moreover, there are communal pools, activity areas, parks, and sports courts.

The average price of villas in Emirates Livings has witnessed a significant increase in 2022 (AED 2,950,000) compared to 2021 (AED 2,850,000).

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, the latest Dubai property price trends clearly indicate the market is growing. Therefore, it’s the right time to leverage this growth, as 2023 is expected to mark a further increase in prices.

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