Make your home look like new with what you already have. Renters in Dubai must try these tips and tricks to refresh your space without spending a dime.

1. Rearrange your furniture:

Try moving the furniture away from the walls and bringing it closer to the middle of the room. Pull up a chair to create a cozy conversation nook. Move things from one room to the next. If your room needs a quick makeover, a furniture rearrangement can transform it and how you live in it instantly!

2. Recycle:

Old ribbons work well as napkin rings. Paint a chair to make it look like it’s made up of a different material. Use potted plants from your kitchen windowsill to decorate your study. You can even use baskets lying around as a magazine rack. Small bottles can be used as flower vases and a new blanket can make a great new headboard for your bed.

3. Add colour:

Grab old glasses, throw in lemons or oranges and line them up! Nothing better than nature’s gorgeous hues to perk up the mood of a room.

4. Dress up switch plates:

They deserve a little love too. Take a scrap of patterned paper or fabric in floral or repeating patterns or mix and match your favorite colours and patterns.

5. Pot some herbs:

Take extra basil, mint or rosemary from your herb garden, put the stems together in a pretty vase and you’ve got your bouquet! So much cheaper than a floral arrangement and perfect for an instant pop of colour to the room.

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