It’s no secret that a happy work environment makes for more productive employees. Here are some companies in the UAE that go above and beyond to take care of the needs of their employees and to keep them happy, according to a study done by the Great Places to Work Institute (GPTW).

THE One reigns supreme as THE company to work at, a fact which is owed in part to the CEO’s vision and commitment. Having authentic and consistent support and involvement from the CEO when it comes to the engagement of employees is critical. THE One provides a unique and compelling social mission that its employees can get emotionally attached to, helping to motivate and inspire.
The company has set up “THE Onederworld,” a sustainable village community initiative. Through the programme, six classrooms of a brand-new school have been built in the Pimbiniet community in Kenya in conjunction with Free the Children, an international charity organisation.

2. DHL
DHL has won the Great Place to Work for award several times in a row. “DHL proved it puts its workplace initiatives on top of its strategic plans,” the institute said. The company has several people practices and policies that seek to inspire its staff to give their best. “Every aspect of the employee life cycle at DHL, from recruitment to retirement, is closely aligned with the company’s core values, its business objectives and mission of inspiring people to give their best – both in and out of the office.”


3. Omnicom Media Group (OMG)

OMG tries its best to make sure its employees enjoy a good work-life balance. It conducts human resources (HR) forums and allows employees to voice out any concerns related to their work. “OMG’s keen focus on work-life balance makes it stand out as a leading example of how organisations should integrate health and wellness into a company’s culture. OMG also enjoys genuine dedication and commitment from its senior leaders,” said the GPTW institute.


4. Hyatt

If you’re a new recruit and based outside the Middle East or UAE, expect to get a warm welcome upon arrival at the airport. “Hyatt’s culture is centred on its people. New joiners coming from outside the UAE are welcomed in the airport by their assigned buddies. Joining gifts are given to all employees,” said the institute.

On special occasions, such as birthdays, expect someone from HR to send a postcard and give the staff a call. Every month of June, Hyatt hotels around the world participate in a week-long event that seeks to make staff feel valued. During this week, UAE employees get to participate in Zumba classes, photography workshops, pastry workshops, treasure hunt, Iceland/Wild Wadi Waterpark outing, special breakfasts and ice skating, among many other activities.

5. Weber Shandwick

The company ensures that its staff feel they’re part of the team and that the management values how they feel. One of the many things it has done for its staff, the company has custom-built its reception desk to suit the height of its receptionist. “The Weber Shandwick Dubai office is branded with all of employee’s voices. From the plants chosen, to the imagery on the walls and even the bespoke welcome desk,” said the institute, “It chose to engage all team members when branding the company, bringing its motto of ‘engaging always’ to life.”

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