Renting a property anywhere in the world brings along an element of risk, both for tenants and the landlord. However, the UAE has established regularity authorities, such as Ejari in Dubai and Tawtheeq in Abu Dhabi, to negate such risks and streamline the entire process.

Similarly, Ajman has its own regularity authority called Tasdeeq. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered every detail about Tasdeeq in Ajman. Continue reading!

What is Tasdeeq in Ajman?

Tasdeeq in Ajman governs the rental agreements in the emirate. Chairman of Municipality and Planning Department Ajman, His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Nuaimi, launched this initiative to regulate the market and make it safe for both tenants and landlords.

Both commercial and residential rental properties in Ajman need to approve/verify the rental contract through the Tasdeeq system in order to formalise the entire process and avoid any dispute from occurring (between landlord and tenant) in the later stages.

Tasdeeq Ajman covers the following services:

  • Online verification of lease agreements for residential properties
  • Online verification of lease agreements for commercial properties
  • Verification of residential agreements for staff
  • Verification of lease agreements for investment purposes
  • Verification of lease complaint agreements
  • Certificate issuance for lease agreement registration
  • Online cancellation of lease agreements

How to Authenticate a Tenancy Contract with Tasdeeq?

With advanced systems in place, you can now get most of Tasdeeq’s services online. However, depending on the service you require, you will need to fill out the relevant Tasdeeq forms.

Documents Required for Verification of Tenancy Contract

Generally, these documents are required to formalise tenancy contracts for residential and commercial properties in Ajman:

  • Three photocopies of the rental agreement
  • Emirates ID of both the tenant and landlord
  • Photocopy of the title deed
  • NOC (No Objection Letter) for real estate investment from the General Organisation
  • Photocopy of the commercial license for organisation and institutions
  • Request from the Lease Contracts Division

Once you have submitted these documents and paid the fee, it will take around one week for the service to be complete.

What is the Fee for Tasdeeq Services?

The fee you have to pay depends on the service you require. For example, 2 per cent of the lease value or AED 400 (whichever is higher) is charged for the attestation of the rental contract with Tasdeeq in Ajman. You can check the Tasdeeq online portal or visit the office in person for further information on their charges.

How to Cancel Tenancy Contracts in Ajman?

If you intend to cancel a tenancy agreement in Ajman, you will be required to update the necessary information with Tasdeeq. In case the tenant decides to abandon a property before the culmination of the contract period, the landlord is required to apply for the agreement cancelation. The process requires them to fill out the relevant form. It’s the responsibility of the tenant to clear all dues before the agreement is cancelled.

Documents Required for the Cancellation of Tenancy Contract

  • A letter indicating the agreement cancellation from both parties (landlord and tenant)
  • Request from the Lease Contracts Division
  • Two photocopies of the lease agreement
  • Photocopies of identity documents of the concerned individuals along with their emirates ID cards
  • Clearance certificates obtained from Ajman Sewerage Company and Electricity & Water Authority

How to File a Complaint Against the Landlord in Ajman?

There are some cases when extreme measures, such as filing an official complaint against the landlord, become mandatory. It often arises due to unjust rent increase, forceful eviction, etc. In such cases, the tenant can reach out to Ajman Municipality to file a complaint.

These lease complaints are authenticated by Tasdeeq in Ajman. The process entails filling out a request form, paying the service fee, and submitting relevant documents.

Documents Required for Filling an Official Complaint Against Landlord

  • Letter obtained from the Rental Dispute Committee
  • Complainant’s Emirates ID copy
  • Three photocopies of the rental/lease agreement
  • NOC issued by Ajman Sewerage
  • Photocopy of certified agreement or any other relevant proof of lease agreement

How to Reach Tasdeeq in Ajman?

You can visit their website, send an email at, or call 80070 – 067422331 to reach Tasdeeq in Dubai. There’s also the option of visiting their office, which remains open from 05:30 am to 02:00 pm.

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