The Bleus may have lifted the world cup, but they’ve left us all with a serious case of the blues. The good news is that the next world cup is going to be much closer to home (the 2022 World Cup will be hosted by Qatar). The bad news is that it is an agonising 4 years away. Here’s how Dubai’s sports enthusiasts and football fanatics can endure the wait and get their game face back on.

Club Football and the Euros

The wait for great football is not nearly as long as you think it may be. Favourites such as Messi, Ronaldo and Hazard are set to take to the field once again in just weeks, swapping their national team’s jerseys for their club’s. You can watch them in action as they compete in Europe’s best clubs, giving the world some amazing football. Classicos such as Real Madrid Vs Barcelona and Manchester United Vs Liverpool have the same gravitas as a game between Brazil and Argentina and should not be missed. With almost all of the pubs and bars in Dubai showcasing the action along with major cinema chains too joining in the fun, you will never fall short of options all year long.

If club football just isn’t your thing, the Euros are just 2 years away. The Euros are an all-European footballing fiesta, in every sense of the word. Matches will be held in almost every major city on the continent, including Baku, Copenhagen, Munich, Budapest, Rome, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Saint Petersburg, Bilbao, Glasgow, Dublin and London. 24 European teams will compete, and we’re excited to see how the younger players like Mbappe and Rashford will mature during the Euros.

You can catch all the action from the comfort of your homes, thanks to packages from Du and Etisalat.

Soccer Meetups
If you’ve been inspired by all the footballing fun, lace up your boots and hit the grass yourself. Visit Dubai Sports World with some friends, 25,000 m² of indoor air conditioned space, filled with top of the line sporting facilities, including 3 7-a-side football pitches and 3 5-a-side football pitches.

Prefer something less formal? Join a meetup for a casual pickup game. Dubai is packed to the brim with football lovers, and you’ll find friendly players of all skill levels ready for a game or two.

Fantasy Football
Fancy yourself a budding football pundit? Fantasy Football is for you. Fantasy Football is a fantasy sports game, predominantly played by gamers who wish to put their soccer knowledge to the test against other fans who use the information available to them to construct a line up of soccer players to compete against fellow gamers and the rosters they have put together. The better your players do in real life that week, the better your fantasy team does.

Read a book
Lie back, grab a drink and read about the beautiful game. The Damned United by David Peace is a controversial book about Brian Clough’s ill-fated 44 days in charge at Leeds United. Fever Pitch is another read perfect for the sun-lounger, telling the story of Nick Hornby’s relationship with Arsenal Football club. Get awed and inspired by the autobiography of the greatest football manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. Other books such as Futebol, Living on the Volcano and Football against the enemy are must-reads as well.

Browse through the massive aisles of stores such as Kinokuniya and Magrudy’s which have an extensive sports section.

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