Although COVID-19 has greatly impacted our routine life and business activities, Dubai renters have found themselves in a better position to explore different opportunities. Before the world was hit by this pandemic, the opportunities were still there but the landlords weren’t as flexible as they are now. There’s more room for negotiation now than ever and other possibilities as well.

Here are some useful tips from experts you can follow if you are looking for a living space for rent in Dubai:

Do More Research

Don’t just settle for results you have gotten from a couple of real estate portals. Do some more research and explore more opportunities through property websites Dubai has to offer. For even better results, the best approach is to get in touch with property firms directly. It will help you to get customized results. As per real estate experts, when a property seeker directly visits a real estate firm, they are more likely to get better offers that meet their requirements & suit their budgets. Surely, browsing listings available on the website is also quite beneficial. However, a little effort to directly reach a property firm may help you to get a better deal.

Look for Spacious Properties

Space wasn’t much of an issue before COVID-19 emerged and confined us to our own homes. For more people, staying indoors for an extended period has gotten them to realize the importance of having a spacious apartment. Being forced to stay in a congested living space further added to the woes of people who were already distressed by the coronavirus. The lesson to learn here is to look for rental properties in Dubai that offer ample space to live and breathe. As a matter of fact, the demand for such properties has increased already. Top real estate firms claim that they have received more inquiries for villas and spacious apartments with balconies as compared to apartments in the recent past.

Although such properties have higher rents as compared to the regular apartments but now that landlords are willing to negotiate and showing flexibility, it may be the right time for you to rent a spacious home for yourself.

Explore More Neighborhoods

Some people just limit their search to a particular set of communities. Since they believe some communities aren’t suitable for them vis-à-vis their budget, they don’t even consider them. However, in today’s time, it may prove to be a viable idea to explore more communities. With a significant dip in rental prices, you can find accommodation that falls in your budget bracket even in seemingly posh communities. For example, you can now look for opportunities in communities such as Silicon Oasis, Al Furjan, Dubai South & Al Khail Heights, etc.

Online Research For Rental Property is Helpful

Relocating to a new home, apartment or villa is certainly not an easy task. With a lot of hassles, it can become quite stress-full. This is why it is advised against rushing into things when selecting one. You obviously wouldn’t want to go through the whole ordeal again. Hence, take some time out to do research about a property you are keen to rent. Online research can prove to be helpful in this regard. Use your social media platforms & other online forums and ask people suggestions about a particular community. You will be flooded with some real responses. It can help you a great deal to make an informed decision.

Select Your Broker Wisely

It goes without saying the broker you have selected holds paramount importance when it comes to finding an ideal rental property. They should be experienced, professional, and have the necessary expertise. Other than that, if you are looking to find a living space in a particular area or set of areas, ensure the broker you have selected specializes in those areas. Not every broker is an expert in every part of the city. Therefore, availing the services of a broker that truly understands

 the area where you are looking for a place to rent is highly recommended. They will understand your needs better and offer personalized services.

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