Many people had to put their travel plans on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Even though travel restrictions in most countries have eased, it’s still no less than an ordeal due to mandatory testing and quarantine periods in many places. Add to it, the heatwave in Dubai isn’t helping either. Emiratis are looking for a respite, which they can find at Al Hayer Forest – a perfect escape from the desert sun.

A forest in a desert? This is the first thing when people hear about Al Hayer Forest in Dubai. But like many other things, the emirate of Dubai has made it possible.

Let’s find out everything about AL Hayer Forest in this detailed article:

Al Hayer Forest

Al Hayer Forest is much more than just an area having a small cluster of trees over a stretch of golden sand. It’s in fact a sprawling orchard featuring over 100 ghaf trees. The canopies they form surely look inviting to escape the scorching heat. Hard to imagine such a scene in Dubai, isn’t it?

Wildlife in Al Hayer Forest

It’s not uncommon to spot wildlife in Al Hayer Forest. You may come across rabbits, owls, foxes, mice, bats, and other critters during your visit. Herds of camels are also commonly sighted here, seeking food or a place to rest.

Where is Al Hayer Forest Located?

Al Hayer forest is located at a distance from the city, which makes it a perfect daycation spot. From Dubai International Airport, it takes about 75 minutes to reach this destination. It lies close to the UAE-Oman border, on Dubai – Al Ain Rd. Visitors can access this spot via the E55 and E66 highways.

Things to do at Al Hayer Forest


If you are fond of camping, then choose Al Hayer Forest as your next destination. The complete wilderness of this place makes it an ideal camping spot. It’s quite safe; therefore, overnight camping isn’t dangerous. However, make sure to be fully equipped and geared. Take all the necessary items with you to have an amazing experience.

A Photographer’s Haven

There’s plenty of room for photographers at Al Hayer to showcase their skills and capture the beauty of the forest and its landscape. The fact that it’s a rather secluded area also makes it a retreat for photographers. They can click as many pictures as their heart pleases without getting disturbed by crowds.


Al Hayer Forest makes for an ideal picnic spot, away from the hustle of city life. There’s a certain calmness and serenity in this area. So, you can take a break from your routine activities, leave your lavish apartments in Dubai for a day, and spend some relaxing time with your loved ones. You can also arrange a bonfire here and cook food on the spot.

An Off-Roading Adventure

Those who enjoy off-roading but without a lot of difficulties can head to Al Hayer Forest. The terrain is easy; it still offers an amazing off-roading experience that is no less than an adventure. This makes it a perfect trip if you want to take your 4×4 vehicle on a test drive.

Important Things to Know Before Visiting Al Hayer Forest

There are some important things to know and adhere to if you’re planning your visit to Al Hayer Forest. These are:

  • The forest area has a lot of Scorpios. You will particularly spot them around the roots of the trees.
  • Do not cut trees or cause them any harm, whether it is for gathering firewood or any other purposes.
  • Make sure to leave the area spotlessly clean, like the way it was before you arrived.
  • If you plan to set up a camp in the forest, be fully prepared with your camping gear. Also, bring your food and in case you want to cook it on the spot, pack everything that you require.  
  • Make sure to go fully prepared with complete camping equipment (if you plan to camp) and other things you might need. You can get your gear from any of the camping equipment shops in Dubai.

The Takeaway

In all, Dubai is much more than shopping malls, tallest structures and city amenities, and Al Hayer Forest is a perfect example of this. It is a beautiful forest that’s ideal if you are looking for a shaded space surrounded by trees where you can spend some soothing time. It’s open all year long; therefore, you can head to Al Hayer Forest whenever you feel like it. 

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