With the Eid al adha holidays on the horizon, we’re sure you’re already searching for travel destinations around the UAE. Let us make your job a little easier. Check these 6 places which are not very far away and easy on your travel pocket:

1. Istanbul
Explore the colourful Grand Bazaar, the biggest undercover markets in the world in Istanbul. Dig into some Turkish delights and enjoy apple tea with the locals. After a long hectic day, head to the Turkish bath hammam and unwind your senses.
Flight time: 4 hours, 50 minutes.
Currency value: 1 UAE dirham = 1.64 Turkish Lira.

2. Georgia
You might have heard many of your colleagues head to Georgia for a long weekend. And this place is worth a visit with its scenic mountains and valleys.
Dig into the history of the place by visiting Tbilisi, the capital city. While there, bite into the popular dish Khachapuri (bread with cheese filling), Chakhokhbili (stewed chicken with fresh herbs).
Flight time: 3 hours, 32 minutes.
Currency value: 1 UAE dirham = 0.76 Georgian Lari.

3. India
It might be home for many expats in Dubai but the vast country offers a different experience in each state. If booked in advance, you can get a cheap bargain on flights to any of the major cities and then explore the city through the well-connected roadways or railways. It would be best to discover every part of it (east, west, north, south) on different trips if you don’t have the luxury of a month-long holiday!
Flight time: 3 hours
Currency value: 1 UAE dirham = 19.01 Indian Rupees.

4. Azerbaijan
Bordering Russia and Georgia, Azerbaijan is known for having 9 of the 11 climates around the world. Baku, the central city, is a Unesco World Heritage site. Visiting the mud volcanoes figures amongst the fascinating things to do in Azerbaijan as it figures first in the world with over 350 located in the region. Thousands of tourists visit every year to watch the eruption.
Flight time: 2 hours, 40 minutes.
Currency value: 1 UAE dirham = 0.46 Azerbaijani Manat.

5. Armenia
Home to beautiful monasteries, Armenia makes you feel like a royal as you can indulge in lavish meals and take a private car for Dh 8,000 for five days. The price would include the flights, stay and all other expenses included.
The location of the monasteries is what makes them extraordinary as you drive through picturesque locales of the city. While Sevanavank Monastery is surrounded by water on all sides, Noravank Monastery is between the Basalt Mountains. Enjoy the local meal overlooking Lake Sevan.
Flight time: 3 hours
Currency value: 1 UAE dirham = 130.97 Armenian Dram.

6. Zanzibar
If you are looking for an exotic weekend island getaway, Zanzibar can be your choice of destination. You could head to the island for its cool, sunny weather during the coming summer months.
A walk in Stone Town will let you understand the Arabic, India, African and European influences in its architecture. Nungwi beach is also ideal for snorkeling, diving or kite surfing. Among the other things, you can do include a trip to the private animal reserve, Cheetah’s Rock.

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