Dubai is known as the most modern region in the Middle East and that is for a reason. Technological advancements are visible in every part of the emirate. Every industry in the region, be it real estate, healthcare, environment, logistics, public transportation and even government procedures, the creative utilization of technology everywhere is astounding!
Let us narrow down to one of Dubai’s path-breaking government organizations, the RTA or Roads and Transport Authority. It is hard to not to get mesmerized by the levels of modernization achieved by the transportation system of the emirate and how you can benefit from RTA’s smart services.
No matter who you are – a local, foreigner or a tourist, Dubai’s RTA offers 173 different smart services that can be utilized to make yourr daily commute easier. You can access and enjoy the RTA smart services through its apps available on multiple platforms:

RTA Dubai
RTA Dubai is an interactive mobile-based application that is literally acts as your personal guide in Dubai. It contains a variety of services designed to help passengers and drivers by specifying points of interest such as service centers, parking areas, metro and bus stations and taxi booking services.

Dubai Drive
The Dubai Drive app provides with enhanced vehicle registration and parking services as well as Salik. A one-time registration on any app or through the RTA web portal is all it takes to access all apps with the same credentials. It also has a mStore service which offers the ability to access a digital version of your valid drivers license, vehicle registration cards and distinguished plate number certificates at anytime. The in-built mChat allows you to contact the RTA customer service agents through instant messaging at anytime.

Smart Drive App
Navigate your way through Dubai with the Smart Drive App with its on-board route planning and exploration app which operates without a mobile Internet connection! RTA Smart Drive App provides turn-by-turn voice and visual instruction, automatic re-routing and speed limit alerts while displaying points of interest along the drive. Its ‘Live Traffic’ feature lets you know where traffic is slow, gives updates regarding roadwork and accidents, and re-routes your trip when needed.

Salik App
Make travel more convenient by managing your account on-the-go. With the Salik app, users can view their balance, recharge any account, view/download statements, access information content and more. Other features include Salik balance inquiry, Recharge any account, Salik tag activation among others.

Public Transport App
This RTA app allows commuters using Dubai’s public transportation to save time with superb features like NOL card top-up, addition and review, transaction history, and specially designed NOL cards.

Wojhati App
This journey planner app is an extremely efficient, real-time map that uses GPS-based location tools allowing users to view routes, stops, major landmarks and departures, and help plan journeys using metro, buses and marine transport routes. Through Wojhati you can plan your journeys using public transport anywhere within Dubai.

S’hail App
S’hail is the perfect app to use to get around Dubai. The app is designed for residents and visitors alike, making travel quick, simple and hassle-free. From bus schedules and stops to Dubai taxi fares, and Uber and Careem options within, tram stations and routes, metro timings as well as red or green line information, and any dos and don’ts, you have it all at your fingertips!

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