Living within the Dubai Beachfront and Waterfront communities is a dream come true for most. Not only is every commercial outlet available right outside but there’s also a healthy lifestyle awaiting its residents. The stunning views of the horizon are bound to appeal to anyone. Those who prefer indoor comfort can enjoy the amenities and facilities offered by these residences.

But that’s not all that the beachfront communities in Dubai like Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island offer. They promise a lifestyle that is unparalleled when it comes to your health and adventurous entertainment.

Here’s an overview of the kind of amenities and facilities that await the residents of these areas:

Dubai Marina Properties:

Dubai Marina is known for being the area to host the emirate’s skyscrapers and high-rise residences. Moreover, the area hosts the biggest malls, best waterfront properties like Stella Maris and top-notch retailers from all around the world. One can find luxury apartments, penthouses, townhouses and even villas for sale in this beachfront community neighbourhood.

Coming over to the lifestyle that is offered in the Marina, one should take a look at the amenities offered in the area. Fully equipped fitness centres are making it easier for people to work out and retain great physique. The availability of pools and indoor, as well as outdoor gyms, are prominent factors that add to the location’s appealing features.

In Dubai Marina, you get access to the finest restaurants along with beach resorts. This adds to the overall entertainment that one can enjoy in the area, excluding the various options of amusement parks and indoor fun.

Palm Jumeirah Properties:

This area is another one of the famous neighbourhoods available in Dubai that feature a sophisticated lifestyle. Beachfront living has been revolutionized within the peripheries of the man-made archipelago. Although the locality primarily boasts of comfort and eloquent luxury, it offers a plethora of options to enhance your lifestyle. Being proactive in Palm Jumeirah is easy with the numerous fitness centres and private pools.

The area of Palm Jumeirah is home to a large population that enjoys the set of amenities provided by various developers. While community-specific facilities are likely to be reserved for the residents of the community, there are still options for others as well. From fitness clubs with memberships to local gyms and personal trainers, you can have a plethora of options to choose from. Join in with the community in their fitness venture.

Bluewaters Island:

Bluewaters Island is one of the most exotic and expensive locations in the emirate. Not only does it feature appealing top-tier residential options, but it also has the most exclusive entertainment as well. Aside from all the fun, there are many commercial options that encourage an active lifestyle.

When talking about fitness, Bluewaters Island offers top-of-the-line gyms and centres that provide all the latest equipment. Residents especially like the proximity to the shoreline at each side. Coupled with indoor or outdoor pools available at rooftops or villas, a number of options line up for everyone to choose from. Fitness Hub is one such famous fitness centre that provides top-notch trainers along with the perfect environment and equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

Residents of Bluewaters Island have some of the best properties in Dubai. However, even the high-class comforts are not keeping the homeowners and tenants inside. The need to achieve a healthy lifestyle mixed with the provisions of nearby facilities are attractive enough to make any lazy person get up and start working out.

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