There are now over 1,500 Dubai mega projects and freehold communities in the city, putting it firmly on the map for visitors from across the globe. The government’s decision to make Dubai the biggest tourism hub in the world has led to some of the most exciting real estate projects ever seen. But if you’re looking for developments that will really take your breath away, these man-made islands have to be seen to be believed.

Palm Jumeirah

The first of the man-made islands created in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah takes the shape of a huge palm tree with resplendent beachfront properties along the fronds. First launched in 2001, it’s a spectacular combination of luxurious homes, tourist, leisure and retail facilities and is connected to the mainland via a 5.4km long monorail.

Deira Islands

Also known as the Deira Palm, this is one of the Dubai mega projects is set to create 80,000 jobs and bring an even bigger boost to the city’s growing economy.  The development features a 2km long night souk complete with over five thousand shops, along with prestigious shops, luxury apartments, marinas and numerous hotels. The Deira Islands Mall will cover an area of 745,000 square meters, making the islands a major destination for those looking for some serious retail therapy. 

Palm Jebel Ali

If you thought the Palm Jumeirah was amazing, then feast your eyes on the Palm Jebel Ali. Twice the size of its predecessor, the development will feature a water theme park, six marinas, stunning homes on stilts and first-class retail and leisure facilities. Boardwalks encircling the island will be adorned with the words of a famous Arabic poem and visitors will be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the project.

The World

An ambitious name maybe, but this is an ambitious project unlike anything else on the planet. The brainchild of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, “The World” is a collection of small man-made islands that together form a map of the world. It’s been created using sand from the floor of Dubai’s shallow coastline and each island covers between 14,000 and 42,000 square meters. The development has been estimated to cost $14 billion USD and when complete will include a huge range of residential, commercial and retail facilities.

There is no doubt that Dubai is the place to be for breathtakingly different and exciting real estate developments. With a strong focus on work, live and play, there’s something here for everyone and a real sense of community is developing across the different areas. Whether you’re looking to set up home, secure some fantastic investment opportunities or simply looking for an exciting holiday destination, Dubai’s made islands are hard to beat.

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