If you ever complained about having to clean your room as a child, imagine the monumental effort it takes to keep an entire city clean. And yet Dubai manages to sparkle, day after day. Have you ever wondered how the platinum city manages it?

This boils down to a variety of factors, which range from a highly efficient Waste Management Department to the education in schools which teaches kids not to litter and even a plethora of fines and laws to keep things in check.

The clean-up crew

Every night, when you go to bed, there is a tireless team working the streets to clean up the day’s detritus. Did you know that Dubai’s residents produce almost 9,000 tonnes of waste every day? That’s what the Dubai Municipality’s Waste Management Department has to deal with on a daily basis. They do this with a force of 2,500-3,000 workers and street cleaners who clean up the city’s roads, highways and beaches over the course of six hours a day (starting at 5am).

Apart from this, the Department ensures there is a garbage bin in almost every corner of the city, and has steadily been focusing on providing options for recycling, with 13 recycling centres across the UAE in public areas like parks and municipality offices. Efforts are being made by the private sector to convert some of the waste into energy.


Laws against littering and spoiling the city’s beauty are as strict as they come, and they apply to everyone, be they tourists, expats or locals. A host of Municipal inspectors wander the city, keeping a watchful eye for violators. No leniency is shown to those who do not respect and maintain the aesthetics of the city. Sounds harsh? The Government’s aim is to instill a sense of shared public responsibility in a highly diverse population that hails from so many different parts of the world.

Some of these fines include –

– General Littering (AED 500-1,500)

– Spitting (AED 500-1000)

– Urinating in a public space (AED 500)

– Graffiti (AED 500-1,000)

But it isn’t just fines, various ad campaigns and other marketing efforts take place throughout the year, educating the people on how they can help keep their city clean. All of these efforts have combined to make great headway, and Dubai is now cleaner than ever before!

Keep this amazing city clean and beautiful.

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