The real estate sector in Dubai recently witnessed a shift in demand amidst COVID-19 outbreak. Earlier, apartments in Dubai were considered to be the hot properties in the city. However, during the lockdown imposed by the government & forced by COVID-19, people realised the importance of having bigger, spacious living spaces. This led to a change in the demand as now townhouses & villas in Dubai have become the choice for many. Leading real estate firms in the city have reported receiving increased queries for these bigger living spaces in the recent past.

If you are also planning to follow this trend and get for yourself and your family, a townhouse or villa in Dubai, you have landed at the right place. Compiled from the excerpts by Zoom Property experts, we present you with a comprehensive guide that will help you to find the best villas and townhouses.

Decide the Type of Property

Before going ahead with the procedure, finalise whether you are looking for townhouses or villas. Both these types of living spaces are similar yet different. The similarity is that you don’t have to share your place/building with other people, as is the case of living in apartments. Talking about the difference, it majorly relates to how they appear. A villa is a detached structure that has spacious land around it. On the other hand, a townhouse is an independent housing unit with one or more walls shared with the neighbouring unit.

The reason why it is important to decide the type of living space beforehand is that they both differ in terms of price. A villa is more expensive as compared to a townhouse. Hence, you need to set your budget accordingly.

Another thing to decide here is whether you want to rent the property or not. This depends on two factors. Needless to say, the budget plays a major role here. Not everyone can afford a villa; thus, they have to settle for rental villas in Dubai. Same is the case with townhouses. Other than the budget, it’s the duration for which you will be staying in the city. For example, if your stay is not for an enhanced period, buying a property may not seem to be a feasible idea. You can rent a townhouse or villa for the time you are in Dubai and enjoy its comforts and amenities.

Select the Neighbourhood

This one is as important as selecting the type of property itself. Your living experience largely depends on the neighbourhood. There are numerous things that one has to consider when selecting the right neighbourhood. First of all, it comes down to your individual preference. Decide beforehand whether you want to live in a serene, peaceful area away from the hustling bustling city life or want to enjoy a residence in the heart of the city surrounded by major landmarks. Then, the budget comes into the picture. Getting a villa or townhouse can prove to be more expensive.

For townhouses, Cherrywoods Townhouses by Meraas has emerged to be a top choice of many due to its ideal location and unparalleled amenities. Other than that, Mira, Town Square, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Village Triangle, and Dubai Hills are popular options for high-value townhouses. If you plan to buy villas, you can find an ideal one in Mirdif, Jumeirah, The Springs, Akoya Oxygen, Arabian Ranches, Al Barsha, and Dubai Hills Estate.

Those who are planning to rent a villa, they can go through this Zoom Property detailed report on “Dubai’s Best Areas for Affordable Villas & Apartments”. It highlights communities that feature affordable living spaces in 2020.

Other factors that must be considered when selecting a neighbourhood are its close proximity to major facilities (medical centres, educational institutes, shopping malls, entertainment venues, etc.), family-friendliness, security & safety measures, amenities available, future prospects vis-à-vis increase in value, etc.

Check the Amenities

For many people, the major reason to prefer villas & townhouses are the amenities they offer over apartments. Villas, in particular, are preferred for this reason as one does not have to share the amenities with others. Therefore, when buying/renting a villa, check whether it has all the amenities you desire to enjoy or not.

Interiors & Exteriors

No matter how large living space is, it won’t leave a good impression on visitors if it doesn’t have classy interiors and exteriors. When buying/renting a property, don’t just focus on the spacious rooms it features or the amenities, also consider the décor options of both the interior and exterior. It should be able to accommodate your décor choices so that it can leave a pleasant impression on every visitor.

There you have it! These are the major factors that deserve your maximum consideration if you are planning to shift to a villa or townhouse. The transition process will go smoothly if you have followed this detailed guide from Zoom Property experts.

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