Dubai, known for its glamorous and luxury lifestyle, is a metropolitan city where everyone wants to reside due to its infinite business and employment opportunities, vibrant nightlife, iconic landmarks and high-rise buildings. Capturing the attention of people who aim to improve their living standards, the emirate has incredible properties to offer.

Notably, Dubai’s residential market remains resilient as the property prices within the luxury segment have risen by 33 per cent. It depicts that the demand for high-end properties in the emirate continues to rise. Hence, the market for property for sale in Dubai is saturated.

With the market offering a high ROI, many sellers and investors are captilaising on this opportunity and selling their properties on a high rate. However, bear in mind that not every property in Dubai will give you higher returns. For example, you have to face intense competition in the market to sell your villa or apartment as you are not the only seller. There are hundreds of similar properties that can catch a buyer’s eyes. Hence, you must invest your endeavours and time in home staging to grab the attention of the buyers.

Home Staging Tips & Tricks To Sell Faster

Home Staging Tips Every Seller Must Know

If you are planning to put your house on sale this summer, it goes without saying that you are hoping to sell your property quickly and attain your asked price. Utilising the following home staging tips for styling and upgrading your home will surely help it grab the attention of buyers:

1.      Boost The Curb Appeal

It is something you always get to hear, and for a good reason. Many buyers who are scheduling to visit your home soon will do a quick drive-by first. It is their way of finalising if the villa for sale in Dubai is worth an inspection.

Hence, make sure that your home is ready to attract the onlookers with following tips:

  • Hang easy-to-read house numbers.
  • Replace the faulty lighting, old mailbox and worn-out welcome mat.
  • Mow your lawn, reseed or include fresh sod.
  • Clean the edging from the flowerbeds and lay down fresh mulch.
  • Fill the empty beds with small shrubs and plant blooming flowers, and fresh greenery.
  • Swipe clean the front windows.
  • Renew the coat of paint on the stained walls, front door and porch floor as needed.
  • Wash the sidings and walkways.
  • Add a couple of chairs to your lawn if it has extra space.

2.      Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

Updating your kitchen is a crucial element of home staging. Most people beleive that it’s going to cost them an arm and leg. However, it’s not always the case as not all upgrades are expensive, and they can be accomplished with elbow grease.

First and foremost, start the home staging process by showing off the space. Pack up the rarely used small appliances and dishware for your new house. Clear up the clutter off the countertops. Also, consider giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift with a coat of paint. A classic white or dark neutral like grey or slate blue paints are not best friends to serve the best appeal of the cabinets.

Finally, replace the obsolete hardware. A corroded or caked with stains faucet is a major turn-off for buyers. Replace them with a modern one. In addition, use peel-and-stick contact paper to make the dishwasher and other appliances look like stainless steel.

3.      Refresh Rooms With Light Reflecting Colours

While home staging, it is better to consider your living room appealing colour schemes. A fresh coat of paint can make a significant impact. It brightens a space, makes it appear larger, and provides the impression of a well-kept house.

Rooms With Light Reflecting

While you may prefer bright or dark colours or bold wallpapers during home staging, adhering to the colour palette that is safe to achieve a sale is also advisable. Also, remember that white, neutrals and pastel colours are not always suitable for enhancing the living room space.

4.      Add A Functional Office Space

Investors and businessmen have their eyes set on Dubai. Hence, there is a probability that your potential buyers are looking for a property with a functional office space. Moreover, working from home and homeschooling are becoming commonplace.

Keeping this in mind, if you do not have an entire room dedicated to a home office, carve out a nook in a spare bedroom, a corner of the living room or even a walk-in closet during home staging. This is a more suitable options for villas; however, bigger apartments and penthouses can also have small dedicated workplaces.

5.      Depersonalise the Space

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves in your house, which is difficult to accomplish if all they see are your personal belongings. So, remove family portraits, artwork from your children, framed diplomas, and personal collections. Pack these goods for your move and replace them with generic artwork.

6.      Give A Thorough And Sparkly Clean To Bathrooms

Scrub all of the bathrooms, then scrub them again. Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than a filthy bathroom.

Remove hard-water stains from faucets, check for mildew, and declutter by reducing the number of cosmetics and goods in the vanity and medicine cabinet. Purchase new shower curtains, rugs, and bathmats.

Consider getting the tile redone if it appears to be worn. If you have discoloured grout, you may remedy it using a bottle of grout stain. Also, you can remove any mouldy caulk around the tub or shower with a razor blade. After cleaning, create a spa atmosphere with fluffy white towels, candles, and a few luxury soaps.

7.      Incorporate Eco-Friendly Materials

Although Dubai is established within a desert, it is all about a green lifestyle. Therefore, the usage of eco-friendly materials for home staging is a brilliant idea. Nowadays, homebuyers want to purchase a property that favours greenery. Therefore, we recommend you to use cork flooring as it offers excellent durability and is cost-effective.

Plastering walls is another eco-friendly alternative that is a perfect home staging element. It will prove a big selling point among buyers. It is a natural material that prevents dust and fingerprints from leaving their mark. Moreover, it will work incredibly in damp environments such as bathrooms as it soaks moisture.

Give Your House An Aesthetic Appeal!

Home staging is the method that will bring in buyers who are ready to pay your asked price. Therefore, schedule your weekend to give your house an aesthetic appeal that will be a major head-turner. Pay attention to each and every detail to encourage buyers to make bigger bids for your property!

Once you have implemented these tips, it’s time to enlist your home at Zoom Propertythe leading property portal in the UAE for better reach and exposure.

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