Every year, thousands of students flock to Dubai to study at its world-class universities and colleges. Although most well-reputed educational institutions offer on-campus or off-campus student accommodation, some students may still prefer to go their own way for various reasons, such as cost and freedom of space.

Having said that, the budget is the major constraint when it comes to finding accommodation for students. Fortunately, there are many affordable communities for students in Dubai where you would be able to find anything from a room to share to a studio apartment.

Before taking a lot at these affordable areas for students in Dubai, let’s first take a look at important factors you must consider before finalising one:

  • Proximity to the Educational Institute: Ideally, you should find accommodation in the same area where your school/college/university is located. If, for some reason, it’s not possible, you should find accommodation in a nearby area.
  • Availability of Public Transport: Most students do not own a car. They rely on public transport to commute within the city. Therefore, choosing an area that has its own Metro Station or access to other means of public transport should be your priority.
  • Basic Amenities and Facilities: Ensure the area you have selected offers easy access to basic amenities and facilities, such as healthcare centres, grocery stores, etc.

Affordable Communities for Students in Dubai

1.       Dubai International Academic City

You can’t make a list of the most affordable communities for students in Dubai and not mention Dubai Academic City. This is the place where you will find some of the top-notch academic institutes in the emirate. With rents on the lower side, it remains a preferred choice for many seeking budget-friendly accommodation.

Due to its prime location, educational institutes and properties in Dubai International Academic City can be accessed within 20 minutes from popular communities, such as Downtown Dubai and International City.

2.       International City

A highly diverse and multicultural neighbourhood that is minutes away from Dubai Academic City, International City is teeming with things to do and is a hotspot for students on a budget. Stock up on groceries and get inexpensive homeware and clothing at the massive Dragon Mart, or enjoy a weekend movie at the local Novo Cinemas with your friends.

Perhaps the biggest draw is the extremely modest rental prices of properties in International City. You can rent a studio starting from AED 19,000. Compared to the other residential communities in Dubai, this is an absolute steal. All these qualities have earned it a well-deserving spot in the list of most affordable communities for students in Dubai.

3.       Dubai Silicon Oasis

You can’t get any closer to Academic City than this. Good public transport access will ensure you’ll always be on time for your class. The quiet community is relatively new, which means all the facilities and amenities are usually in good order.

A plethora of restaurants and eateries surround rental properties in Dubai Silicon Oasis. They offer cuisines from every corner of the globe. The rentals are also quite affordable that should fit right in with a student’s budget. You can find a comfortable studio apartment here for anywhere between AED 25,000 and AED 52,000 annually.

  1.       Al Barsha/TECOM

One of the most popular and affordable communities for students in Dubai, Al Barsha makes for a great choice for those studying in Knowledge Village or at the American University of Dubai. Not only does it offer access to the Dubai Metro system, but it also boasts several restaurants, groceries, and pharmacies. And if Dubai’s heat ever gets to you, you and your buddies can even go skiing in the Mall of the Emirates.

Due to economic rent, abundant attractions, and easy accessibility, rental properties in Al Barsha are highly preferred by students.

5.       Jumeirah Village Circle

Next on the list of most affordable communities for students in Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is located at just a distance of 15 minutes from Dubai Knowledge Village. You’d find pocket-friendly properties for rent in JVC, located amidst top-notch facilities. The area is also known for its comfortable lifestyle.

6.       Jumeirah Lake Towers

Famous for its lakes, JLT is a beautiful community featuring waterfront properties. Just like JVC, properties in JLT are also located close to Dubai Knowledge Village.

Its low rent isn’t the only factor that has helped it to get a place on the list of most affordable communities for students in Dubai. The area houses many low-cost cafeterias and hang-out spots, which provide students with ideal places to socialise and blow off some steam.

Final Thoughts

In all, Dubai has a lot of options for students seeking quality education and affordable accommodation. We hope that our guide will help you make an informed decision vis-à-vis the selection of an affordable area for students in Dubai.

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