There’s no such thing as an easy move. But the good news is that the more you plan and organize in advance, the less taxing it will be.

Here’s a roundup of wisdom for a smooth, hassle-free move.

1. Get organized:

Make a checklist of things you need to do and rooms that need to be tackled. Putting pen to paper will give you a better idea of how much you have to move and what you’ll need. You’ll also understand what you may be lacking for your new home, especially if you’re moving from a smaller space to a bigger pad.

2. Get your supplies ready:

If you’re going to be doing some or all of the packing yourself, start gathering boxes, bubble wrap, tape, markers, and labels.

3. Pack and label:

Pack important documents and valuables first and keep them in a safe place, so you know exactly where they are. Then, begin packing things you won’t need for the next month. Label everything clearly so you know which box belongs to which room. It’ll also make unpacking super quick and easy.

4. Store kitchen essentials separately:

You’re likely to need some kitchenware on your moving day, so store these last and away from other belongings.

5. Get the transportation in order:

Make sure that the vehicle you’ve chosen can hold all your stuff.

6. Close your accounts:

Close your utility accounts for your old property so that you don’t end up making any extra payments.

7. Don’t take anything you don’t need:

Sell or give away old items away before you move.

8. Make yourself a survival kit for moving day:

Pack a bag with things you’ll need on moving day and possibly over the next few days. Throw in a toothbrush and toothpaste, change of clothes, medication, etc.

9. Find out if anyone else is moving in or out on the same day:

Sharing elevators and hallways will slow down the moving process, so try to make sure no one else is moving in or out on the same day as you are.

10. Make sure your phone is fully charged:

Don’t pack away your chargers, keep them with you.
And, keep calm. Start early to avoid rushing and asking for help from friends and relatives.

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