Property for Rent in Dubai

Dubai Rental Property
Dubai Rental Property
studio 1 bath
The Address The BLVD, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 105,000


Dubai Rental Property
Dubai Rental Property
1 bed 2 baths
Al Hudaiba, Al Hudaibah, Dubai
AED 68,000


Dubai Rental Property
Dubai Rental Property
1 bed 1 bath 992 sqft
Laguna Tower, JLT Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
AED 65,000


Dubai Rental Property
Dubai Rental Property
1 bed 2 baths
England Cluster, International City, Dubai
AED 34,000


Dubai Rental Property
Dubai Rental Property
4 beds 5 baths 4413 sqft
Mira Oasis 2, Reem, Dubai
AED 105,000


4 beds 4 baths 2260 sqft
Phase 2, Al Furjan, Dubai
AED 99,999


5 beds 6 baths 4283 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 190,000


2 beds 4 baths 1712 sqft
Sapphire (Tiara Residences), The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
AED 180,000


4 beds 3 baths 2385 sqft
Bluewaters, Dubai
AED 400,000


3 beds 4 baths 3102 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 150,000


2 beds 2 baths 1399 sqft
Burj Vista 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 140,000


3 beds 4 baths 2471 sqft
Quortaj, Al Furjan, Dubai
AED 125,000


5 beds 6 baths 3757 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 190,000


4 beds 5 baths 3237 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 185,000


3 beds 5 baths 1654 sqft
Panorama At The Views Tower 4, The Views, Dubai
AED 174,999


4 beds 4 baths 2275 sqft
Phase 3, Al Furjan, Dubai
AED 109,900


4 beds 5 baths 3523 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 185,000


4 beds 5 baths 3237 sqft
Sidra Villas I, Dubai Hills Estate, Dubai
AED 170,000


5 beds 6 baths 6458 sqft
Quortaj, Al Furjan, Dubai
AED 169,999


studio 1 bath 337 sqft
Manchester Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 37,000


2 beds 2 baths 2169 sqft
Sadaf 6, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai
AED 190,000


2 beds 3 baths 1690 sqft
Springs 14, The Springs, Dubai
AED 80,000


4 beds 6 baths 5898 sqft
Executive Tower B, Business Bay, Dubai
AED 300,000


3 beds 4 baths 2239 sqft
Al Badia Residences, Dubai Festival City, Dubai
AED 180,000


3 beds 5 baths 2850 sqft
Marina Sail, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 139,500


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    Property for Rent in Dubai

    Dubai is one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities located in the United Arab Emirates. This city is located along the Persian Gulf coast is rich in prestigious landmarks and astounding views. With each passing year, the number of people relocating or traveling to Dubai is increasing enormously due to the business opportunities, economic growth, and stability of Dubai.

    The property for rent in Dubai has become a very flourishing business and to adjust the flocking number of people traveling to Dubai, a variety of rental properties are available. Whether you are looking for a residential rental property or commercial property for rent in Dubai, a large pool of options are available in both cases.

    Dubai is home to the world tallest buildings, enormous skyscrapers, and huge shopping malls. The living standard of Dubai is the highest among all the states of UAE and the environment is secure and welcoming with an extremely low crime rate.

    Property for Rent in Dubai

    Rental Property Types in Dubai

    Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s most prominent business hubs during recent years. Due to this factor people belonging to different nationalities and cultures are aiming to move to Dubai and explore business and job opportunities.

    The luxurious rental properties in Dubai ensure that people living in this state enjoy the highest living standard and world-class facilities. The properties for rent in Dubai can be of two types of i-e residential or commercial. These types are further classified into numerous sub-types and tenants can choose any of these types depending upon the purpose of relocation, the area per square and other similar requirements.

    Rent a Property in Dubai

    The real estate business in Dubai is progressing at a very fast pace and it is ensured that people can find any type of rental property they desire.

    Dubai is a popular choice for a relocation due to its fast-paced lifestyle and diverse opportunities. For people moving to Dubai, a large pool of apartments for rent is available and you can choose any according to your living standard and requirements. The available apartment types include:

    The rented apartments can be furnished, unfurnished or semi-furnished depending upon your preferred furnishing type and available budget. Dubai Marina holds the first position among the most popular apartment renting areas of Dubai because of its astounding waterfront views and serene looking beaches. 

    The second place is held by Jumeirah Lake Towers as it is rich in a luxurious apartment and top-class amenities for tenants. It is followed by Downtown Dubai in the third place which is home of Burj Khalifa and several other landmarks of Dubai. 

    The fourth position is secured by Dubai Silicon Oasis closely followed by Business Bay as a home for tenants due to high standard residential areas offered to tenants.

    The types of residential properties which are rented by the tenants relocating to Dubai from different parts across the globe vary in sizes, structure, and area per square. Some people might be looking for renting a residential property other than an apartment or a flat. They have a large pool of options to choose from while looking for their dream home and a few of these available options are listed below:

    In order to make the right decision regarding the type of residential property for rent in Dubai you want to acquire the following points must be kept in mind:

    • View from the balcony or windows
    • Easy access to amenities like hospitals, pharmacies, schools, malls, etc.
    • Good security measures including security cameras, guards and other such measures
    • The rooms must be spacious
    • The neighborhood must be peaceful and welcoming
    • Easy access to public transport including metro stations.
    • The residence must be near your office or workspace.
    • The absence of a construction site nearby
    • Parking area
    • The fittings must be in good condition

    Commercial Rental properties in Dubai

    Dubai has emerged as the topmost business hub and people from all over the world are coming here to explore various business opportunities. In order to set up any kind of business renting a workspace is the foremost step and Dubai offers amazing options for renting commercial properties of all types and sizes.

    Property for rent in Dubai
    Property for rent in Dubai

    Popular Locations for Renting Property in Dubai

    Dubai is globally renowned as the home of magnanimous skyscrapers, luxurious properties, huge shopping malls, prestigious landmarks, and top class living standard. In addition to providing people with high-quality rental properties, a number of entertainment facilities are also available in order to offer people with an upbeat and dynamic lifestyle.

    Located in these popular cities the most famous communities when it comes to renting a property in Dubai include the following residential buildings:

    Property for rent in Dubai

    Dubai Rental Properties Pricing Trends

    A slight decline was observed in the rental prices for different properties in Dubai and it is expected to go down even further in the coming year due to the growing number of residential and commercial properties available on rent.

    In terms of residential properties for rent in Dubai, the average rental cost for an apartment with a single bedroom will be approximately AED 60k per year. For a two-bedroom apartment, the total rent will be around AED 90k. In the case of a three-bedroom apartment, the average budget for annual rent is estimated to be AED 100k. The largest apartment types with four bedrooms can cost the tenants up to AED 180k.

    For people aiming to rent villas the price for a two-bedroom villa will be equivalent to an annual AED 180k. Villas on rent with 5 or 6 bedrooms will cost an estimated amount of AED 850k to AED 725k. 

    In case of commercial properties for rent in Dubai an office measuring an average area of 180 sq. feet will cost a rent of up to AED 7000 per year. For retail shops and other commercial buildings, the renting cost ranges from AED 150k to AED 175k per year.

    Steps to Rent a Property in Dubai

    Renting a property in Dubai is a very effective investment and to make sure that the property is according to your requirements and lifestyle the following steps must be followed:

    Online Listings:

    Online property listings contain a huge variety of property types and going through these listings will help you get a clear idea of the budget required to rent you're desired commercial or residential property. Before searching on these property websites, you must have all these specifications in mind such as:

    •   Property Type
    •   Area per square
    •   Furnishing type 
    •   Rental Budget
    •   Location of the rental property 
    •   Access to amenities and transport system
    •   Parking facilities
    •   Additional facilities like gym, swimming pool, etc.

    After listing these points down, you can apply filters on the property listing websites and have a look at the results. Among these results, you can easily shortlist a few rental properties which match your searched criteria and fall into your budget as well.

    Contact the short-listed properties 

    After narrowing down your options, the next step is to contact the concerned person and discuss further terms. You must also confirm when can you pay a visit to these properties to make sure that they match your requirements and needs perfectly. The first two steps must be completed almost a month before moving to Dubai so that all things are in order once you reach there.

    Visit the Rental Property in Dubai

    The next step is to pay a visit to the short-listed properties and take notice of all the details. You must make sure that the property for rent in Dubai has all the desired features which match your living standard and needs, and the neighborhood is also good or not. After visiting the rental property, you will be able to narrow down your choices even further and it will become easier to decide.

    Make an offer

    After you have finalized your options, the next step is to make an offer to the landlord or property owner. Try to negotiate the amount of rent according to your available budget. After the amount of annual or monthly rent for a property in Dubai has been finalized you must also clarify the following points:

    •   Start and end date of the contract
    •   Additional charges
    •   Exact deposit amount
    •   Amount of Security deposit
    •   Number of cheques

    Dubai Rental Property reservation

    After finalizing the property, you want to rent, the final step is to make a reservation. To secure that property unit, you will need to submit a security deposit amount which is refundable. Do not forget to take a receipt for the payment made and in case you withdraw your offer the cheque will be returned to you. The documentation required along with the initial deposit includes the following:

    •   Your passport
    •   Copy of your residence visa

    Contract Drafting and signing

    After a successful reservation of the property for rent in Dubai, a contract is drafted in which all the terms and conditions are listed down. The legalities and the Dubai tenancy laws are also considered while composing the contract between the tenants and the landlords. The contract is then signed, and all the required documentation are attached along with the signed contract.