Apartments for Rent in Downtown Dubai

Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai
Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai
AED 190,000
2 2 1,778 sqft
Burj Khalifa Area, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai
Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai
AED 130,000
1 2 1,133 sqft
Burj Khalifa Area, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 220,000

2 Cheques

3 5 2,335 sqft
Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 100,000
2 3 1,365 sqft
Burj Residence 5, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 500,000

1 Cheque

3 4 2,729 sqft
The Address Residence Fountain Views 3, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 68,000

1 Cheque

1 2 878 sqft
The Lofts East, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 179,990
3 5 2,154 sqft
Bahwan Tower Downtown, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 179,990
2 3 1,700 sqft
The Address Sky View Towers, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 355,000
4 5 2,800 sqft
VIDA Residences, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 165,000
2 4 1,639 sqft
Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 175,000

1 Cheque

2 3 1,629 sqft
Burj Residence 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 149,999

1 Cheque

1 1 856 sqft
The Address Residence Fountain Views, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 100,000

4 Cheques

2 3 1,468 sqft
Burj Views B, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 268,000
3 1,977 sqft
The Address Residence Fountain Views 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 95,000

3 Cheques

1 2 1,258 sqft
BLVD Crescent 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 210,000
2 3 1,528 sqft
The Address Sky View Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 125,000
1 2 803 sqft
The Address Residence Fountain Views, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 249,990
3 5 2,368 sqft
The Address Sky View Towers, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 155,000
1 2 1,109 sqft
The Address Sky View Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 230,000

2 Cheques

2 3 1,732 sqft
The Address Downtown Hotel, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 350,000

2 Cheques

3 5 2,442 sqft
The Address Sky View Tower 1, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


AED 82,000
1 2 705 sqft
The Lofts Central, Downtown Dubai, Dubai


    Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai

    Dubai is a hub for an exciting and dynamic lifestyle and it's rich social and cultural life make an attractive destination for people from around the world. One of the most prominent and recognizable locations in Dubai is Downtown Dubai as it’s the location of some of the most prestigious landmarks. The wealth of restaurants and entertainment options and vast malls are factors that encourage people to rent an apartment in Downtown Dubai.

    This popular area extends to a radius of 2 kilometers and presents an opportunity for an enjoyable lifestyle for people planning to get apartments for rent in Downtown. This city is rich in luxurious properties, shopping malls, a huge variety of entertainment activities and prestigious landmarks. The area is well maintained and people renting apartments in Downtown Dubai do not experience too much over-crowding or heavy traffic.

    Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai

    Pros of renting an apartment in Downtown

    Downtown Dubai has scenic views including the world’s tallest building and the world’s largest shopping mall in terms of area. This city is a huge business hub and the vibrant lifestyle makes it a perfect location for renting an apartment or flat in Dubai.

    Downtown Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to live in Dubai, with awesome sights like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. The residential units are sophisticated and elite making Downtown Dubai a perfect choice to rent an apartment. The advantages of living in this area are numerous including:

    •    The apartments and flats are well-constructed, well-maintained, luxurious and comfortable.
    •    The residential area is near the landmarks and prestigious buildings.
    •    The access to the business hub is extremely easy
    •    The lifestyle is energetic and vibrant.
    •    The public transport is easily accessible.
    •    The residencies and parks are designed to be pet-friendly.

    Popular areas for apartments for rent in Downtown

    Downton residencies are divided into eleven diverse projects comprising of Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Fountain, the Burj Park Island, The Old Town Island, etc. and all these projects offer a variety of apartments and residential units to choose from according to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

    The residential buildings located in Downtown Dubai have been constructed according to high standards and the most popular ones among the huge pool of residencies include the following:

    During the year 2018, 35% (approx.) people preferred renting apartments located in Burj Khalifa Towers, almost 20% opted for Burj Al Nujoom, around 17% chose The Lofts as their rental residence, 16% tenants selected Burj Views and around 15% chose to live in The Residences on rent.

    Types of Rental Apartments in Downtown Dubai

    The residential towers in this area ensure that people moving or relocating to Dubai for business or leisure can find the apartment of their dreams successfully. The lavish apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai are equipped with all the necessary features which make your lifestyle comfortable and high quality.

    The options available for the tenants vary with respect to the size and locality of the rental apartments. These options are categorized according to the number of bedrooms in the apartments including:

    Other options include:

    The apartments for rent in Dubai Downtown can also be distinguished from each other with respect to the type of furnishing. These types include:


    Some people are very specific about choosing the interior of their homes and for those un-furnished apartments are available so that they can use the furniture of their choice while renting an apartment in Downtown Dubai.


    In case you want to save some money and still give your rented apartment a customized and personalized look then the semi-furnished apartments will be a perfect choice for you.


    To save both money and time while renting an apartment of your choice in Dubai Downtown, fully furnished apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai are available in all the residential towers. These furnishing types make your relocation process hassle-free and quick.

    Other significant factors which determine whether the chosen apartment or flat is a suitable choice or nor include glazed windows, kitchens include the required amenities, balconies with astounding views, properly fitted restrooms and washrooms, etc.

    Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai
    Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai

    Factors to consider while renting an apartment in Downtown Dubai

    Being the hometown of the most prestigious landmarks in Dubai, Dubai Downtown attracts a huge number of tenants on an annual basis. To adjust these huge number a variety of well-constructed and well-maintained apartments are available for rent and people can choose to depend upon their lifestyle, comfort level and budget. The check-list for factors to consider while finalizing your dream home is mentioned below:

    •    Area of the apartment or flat for rent
    •    The annual rent
    •    Location of the apartment
    •    Easily accessible manties like workplace, hospitals, public transport, shopping malls, etc.
    •    Pet-friendly environment
    •    Exposure to natural light
    •    No nearby construction sites
    •    Parking area
    •    Security measures like guards, surveillance cameras, etc.
    •    Luxury features like a gym, pools, etc.

    Renting cost trends for apartments in Downtown Dubai

    The most high-profile rental apartments across Dubai are in Downtown. This city is extremely famous for its magnificent skyscrapers and beautifully constructed residential towers. In terms of rent, Downtown Dubai is at the top currently but all the prestigious landmarks make all the money worth spending.

    The award-winning Burj Khalifa holds the topmost spot when it comes to renting apartments in Downtown Dubai. It is the most desirable residential area for tenants who wish to relocate to Downtown for business, work or domestic purposes.

    Burj Khalifa towers are extended to an area of 828 meters and are considered one of the most admired landmarks in Dubai. The apartments types available for rent in Downtown Dubai include several studious, a wide variety of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments and a few three to four-bedroom apartments or flats. The yearly rent ranges from 110 AED to 800k AED but all this money is worth spending on the luxurious, spacious and beautiful rental apartments located in the Burj Khalifa Residencies.

    The second most popular residential building in the highly dynamic Downtown is the Burj Al Nojoom. This building has a total of 34 story’s and comprises of 395 ready to rent apartments. The available rental apartments types include 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom units, and spacious studios. The renting costs range from a minimum amount of AED 50k to AED 250k. Tenants residing in this building can enjoy gorgeous views of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Address Hotel, etc.

    The budget for other rental apartments in Downtown Dubai can range from AED 60k to AED 80k.

    Metrics for apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai

    The metrics on which the monthly and yearly rental costs of apartments depend include the following:

    •    The number of bedrooms in the apartments
    •    The area per square feet of the rented apartment or flat
    •    Ease of access to public transport, schools and other such facilities from the apartment
    •    The availability of a proper parking area and garden area
    •    The view from the balcony

    Apartments for rent in Downtown Dubai

    How to find the perfect apartments for rent in Dubai Downtown?

    The apartments for rent located in Downtown Dubai are in very high demand due to the lavish lifestyle and scenic views. In order to find the perfect apartment for renting the following steps must be taken:

    • The first step is to go through the online property listings located in Downtown Dubai. This will help you get a clear idea about the availability and cost of the rental apartments. The high-demand of apartments in this locality makes it quite difficult to find the home you desire according to your personal performances and living standard.
    • After going through the online property listing, short list several choices which fit your criteria for renting an apartment in Downtown Dubai. You can also filter your choices by selecting the furnishing type, number of bedrooms and other such metrics in order to narrow down your options and find the desired rental apartment.
    • Then you will need to pay a visit to the short-listed properties and ensure that they meet your expectations. Then finalize your decision. Also, take a tour of the neighborhood to make sure that you have made the right decision.
    • After selection the rental apartment in Downtown Dubai you need to have a meetup with the dealers and decide lease terms and conditions, the annual rent and other such formalities.
    • In order to reserve the selected property in your name, you will need to submit a few documents as well such as a copy of your passport and residential visa.