Properties for sale in Dubai

Property for sale in Dubai
Property for sale in Dubai
-1 bed 1 bath 480 sqft
Lake Elucio, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai
AED 450,000


Property for sale in Dubai
Property for sale in Dubai
2 beds 3 baths 1255 sqft
Marina Gate 2, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 2,537,000


Property for sale in Dubai
Property for sale in Dubai
1 bed 2 baths 800 sqft
Meydan Avenue, Meydan, Dubai
AED 850,000


Property for sale in Dubai
Property for sale in Dubai
1 bed 2 baths 828 sqft
Mediterranean Cluster, Discovery Gardens, Dubai
AED 440,000


Property for sale in Dubai
Property for sale in Dubai
4 beds 5 baths 3051 sqft
La Vie, Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR), Dubai
AED 7,491,000


-1 bed 1 bath 390 sqft
Meydan One, Meydan, Dubai
AED 470,000


1 bed 1 bath 490 sqft
Radisson Hotel In DAMAC Hills, DAMAC Hills (Akoya By DAMAC), Dubai
AED 825,000


2 beds 3 baths 1280 sqft
Sobha Hartland, Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Dubai
AED 1,750,000


-1 bed 2 baths 461 sqft
The Heart Of Europe, The World Islands, Dubai
AED 1,300,000


1 bed 2 baths 773 sqft
Marina Gate 2, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 1,100,000


8 beds 12 baths 7000 sqft
Al Jafiliya Villas, Al Jafiliya, Dubai
AED 6,500,000


-1 bed 2 baths 506 sqft
The Palm Tower, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
AED 1,702,400


2 beds 3 baths 1300 sqft
Imperial Avenue, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
AED 2,910,000


7 beds 8 baths 9300 sqft
XXII Carat, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
AED 58,000,000


3 beds 4 baths 2100 sqft
Just Cavalli Villas, Akoya Oxygen, Dubai
AED 1,300,000


1 bed 2 baths 770 sqft
Marina Gate 2, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 1,690,000


3 beds 4 baths 2365 sqft
Golf Veduta Hotel Apartments, DAMAC Hills (Akoya By DAMAC), Dubai
AED 2,080,000


6 beds 8 baths 9412 sqft
Wildflower, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai
AED 12,700,000


1 bed 2 baths 684 sqft
Manchester Tower, Dubai Marina, Dubai
AED 550,000


5 beds 6 baths 6501 sqft
Garden Homes Frond F, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
AED 10,000,000


3 beds 4 baths 1807 sqft
Al Andalus, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai
AED 1,728,050


2 beds 3 baths 1870 sqft
Golf Veduta Hotel Apartments, DAMAC Hills (Akoya By DAMAC), Dubai
AED 1,680,000


3 beds 4 baths 2088 sqft
Ruba, Arabian Ranches 3, Dubai
AED 1,526,888


3 beds 4 baths 2100 sqft
Just Cavalli Villas, Akoya Oxygen, Dubai
AED 1,350,000


1 bed 1 bath 661 sqft
Lawnz By Danube, International City, Dubai
AED 510,000


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    Property for Sale in Dubai

    Dubai is one of the world’s most popular cities with its tallest skyscrapers and huge man-made islands. The extravagant and dynamic lifestyle of people living in Dubai makes it a dream destination for people relocating from across the globe. 

    The state of Dubai situated along the Persian Gulf is rich is prestigious landmarks and amazing business opportunities. The real estate business of Dubai is flourishing due to the huge number of people traveling to Dubai to enjoy its high-standard lifestyle. The property for sale in Dubai comprises of a huge variety of commercial and residential property types.

    The robust economic growth, stability, security and an energetic lifestyle makes Dubai a popular choice for buying property for sale. Whether you want to buy a property in the heart of city life or live near the exotic beach view, a pool of several properties in each category is available.

    Property for sale in Dubai

    Types of Properties for Sale in Dubai

    Dubai is the topmost business hubs and people belonging to all nationalities and cultures are seeking opportunities in this luxurious state to improve their living standard and exposure. The variety of cultures residing in Dubai make it even more colorful and full of life. 

    The world-class amenities available along with the properties for sale in Dubai ensure that people can enjoy a comfortable and high-profile lifestyle. The types of properties available on sale comprise of two major types:

    The huge variety of properties available for buyers in Dubai are categories based on the following furnishing types:

    Furnished Properties in Dubai

    If you want to save settling time and purchase the property you must go for furnished properties. It will be relatively expensive as compared to other furnishing types, but you will be able to adjust quickly as you won’t have to waste time looking for furniture and home appliances. 

    Un-furnished Properties in Dubai

    If you want to purchase furniture and appliances for the home according to your personal preferences and choices, then you must choose the un-furnished property type while purchasing in Dubai. The budget for the un-furnished property can be more as compared to furnished ones but the furnishing of your property has a positive impact and makes you feel at home while living in your purchased property.

    Semi-furnished Properties in Dubai

    For people looking to purchase a property in Dubai, semi-furnished property options are also available. In this furnishing type, the appliances and a few furniture units are available already and all you need to do is purchase a few furniture units of your choice and enjoy living in the purchased property. 

    Residential Properties for Sale in Dubai

    Investment in real estate business in Dubai is a very smart decision as it opens a vast array of opportunities for people. The economic stability of Dubai and its fast-paced development has led to attracting people from across the globe to visit or relocate to this extravagant city. 

    To adjust the huge numbers, several residential property types are available and the most common among these are apartments for sale in Dubai. The apartments can be of various sizes and structures and you can choose any of these depending upon your family size, the standard of living or personal preferences. The choices available include the following:

    In addition to apartments located in various localities comprising of different sizes, several other residential options are also available for people seeking to purchase a property in Dubai. The sale price of each of these residential units vary according to the area per square, number of rooms, locations, access to amenities and several other important factors.

    The available options in residential units other than apartments include the following:

    Dubai is rich in residential properties amazing views and gorgeous structures and people relocating to this vibrant city can choose from a huge variety of available options in order to lead a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

    Commercial Property for Sale

    Dubai is also grown immensely as the hub for various business endeavors and businessmen from all over the world are shifting their head offices to this state of the United Arab Emirates. Before setting up your business you need to purchase a workspace and for that purpose buying property for sale in Dubai is the foremost step.

    Dubai is the home of amazing architectures and widespread buildings which comprise of both commercials as well as residential buildings. The property options available for businessmen for commercial purposes include the following:

    Property for sale in Dubai
    Property for sale in Dubai

    Popular Locations for Buying a Property in Dubai

    Dubai is rich in cities and communities which offer people with a hi-fi lifestyle with its magnanimous properties, huge shopping malls, beautiful landmarks and scenic views. The entertainment facilities provided to people residing in Dubai are also extraordinary and the amalgamation of various cultures and traditions make Dubai a place worth living.

    The most in-demand locations for property for sale in Dubai include the following cities and communities:

    While looking for residential properties for sale in Dubai a few residential buildings and towers are in high demand due to the level of comfort and luxury available at these locations. The most popular options while purchasing an apartment are The Springs Towers followed by the Arabian Ranches. Mirdif is also a preferred option by the majority of people looking for amazing residential buildings. Other famous buildings include Al-Barsha, Jumeirah, Jumeirah Park, Meadows, Reem, etc.

    Property for sale in Dubai

    Pricing Trends for Properties for Sale in Dubai

    The property prices in Dubai have declined during the past few years due to the high demand and competition in the real estate business. The cost of single to triple bedroom apartments range is AED 1M. On average a 4-bedroom apartment or flat on sale will cost up to AED 2M. A studio flat will cost relatively higher at a budget of AED 200k.

    Villas are huge and in terms of pricing trends, they cost more than flats so a typical 2-bedroom villa on sale will be worth AED 890k. The average price range for a 6-bed villa is AED 6M.

    In the case of commercial workspace, the approx. price range is equal to AED 120k to AED 10M. The price can vary depending upon the location and size of the property for sale.

    Pricing metrics for Dubai properties for sale

    The lifestyle and standard of living in Dubai are extremely sophisticated. The price ranges for properties for sale in Dubai vary depending upon various factors such as:

    •   Area per square
    •   Bedrooms
    •   Parking space
    •   Garden
    •   Location
    •   Access to schools, parks, and other amenities

    How to buy a property in Dubai?

    Dubai is a home for luxurious apartments, all residential and commercial buildings and exquisite properties. Investments in Real Estate in Dubai is a very smart decision and while looking for property for sale in Dubai is an extensive and time taking procedure and requires you to conduct thorough research before concluding to a decision. 

    The steps involved in successfully purchasing a residential or commercial property in Dubai are mentioned as following:

    Finalizing property type for purchase

    Before searching for the property, you want to buy, you must be clear about the type of property you are looking for as well as the purpose f making this purchase. In case of buyers looking for residential property, you must figure out what size of apartment type you want to purchase and what are your preferred locations for your new home. 

    You must also list down all the amenities you want nearby your residency before finalizing your decision. The specifications you must have in mind before searching for property for sale in Dubai include:

    •   Location of the rental property 
    •   Property Type
    •   Area per square
    •   Furnishing type 
    •   Price of property
    •   Access to amenities and transport system
    •   Parking facilities
    •   Additional facilities like gym, swimming pool, etc.

    Online research

    Online property listings provide you with the best options while buying a property in Dubai. Going through these listings will help you get a clear idea about the budget required to purchase the property which matches your requirements and after thoroughly going through these listings you can short-list a few options.

    Property Selection

    The next step is to inquire further about the short-listed properties in order to determine which ones are the most suitable for you. You can also contact the service providers associated with these online real estate websites to discuss further specifications and details related to the property you have opted for.

    Visit and evaluate the property 

    The next step you will need to take while buying a property in Dubai is to pay a visit to your narrowed down properties and determine whether they match your specified criteria or not. You can also visit the neighbourhood and look around before reaching a decision.

    Property price negotiation

    After visiting the properties, you can narrow down your choices even further and the next step is to negotiate the price. The property agent will tell you an amount and you have to negotiate over it after discussion. Once a price has been determined between both the parties then its time to move forward with further procedures of purchasing properties in Dubai.

    Purchase agreement preparation

    The purchase agreement is composed with the assistance of a legal advisor and all the terms and conditions related to the transfer of property are listed down in it. The number of installments and amount paid in each instalment is also mentioned in the agreements in addition to added charges like registration fee, NOC fee, etc.

    Signing the contract and making payment 

    The contract is signed between the two parties are along with submission of the mandatory documentation and the down payments is paid in the initial stages.

    Utility registrations

    After a successful purchase of the property in Dubai, the final step is to register for various utilities like DEWA, Gas, Building Maintenance, etc. which required additional charges. After going through these procedures, the property is yours and now you are ready to start a new life in the vibrant city of Dubai.