Properties for Sale in Mirdif

AED 3,411,720
4 5 3,159 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,458,000
2 3 1,350 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 2,734,322
3 4 2,531 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 936,000
1 2 780 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 972,000
1 2 780 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,630,000
2 2 1,321 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 552,000
studio 1 460 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 539,000
-1 1 460 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,015,672
1 2 778 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 995,536
1 2 763 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 972,000
1 2 900 sqft
Mirdif Hills, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 995,748
1 2 760 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 565,088
-1 1 491 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 890,000
1 1 732 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 2,734,320
3 4 2,532 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,722,246
3 4 1,595 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 1,550,000
3 4 1,756 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 965,000
1 2 781 sqft
Al Multaqa Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 950,000
2 3 1,560 sqft
Uptown Mirdif, Mirdif, Dubai


AED 2,734,319
3 4 2,650 sqft
Janayen Avenue, Mirdif, Dubai


    Properties for Sale in Mirdif

    Mirdif ranks among the top communities in Dubai that have evolved organically. Although still evolving, it has become a preferred choice for people who want to stay in an area that has retained the old world’s charm while providing them with modern amenities.

    This family-friend suburban area is located close to the Dubai International Airport and other prominent communities of the city including Dubai Festival City. Some of Dubai’s older neighbourhoods such as Al Mizhar and Al Warqa are also located nearby. Home to Mirdif City Centre and Mushrif Park, the area offers a communal lifestyle in the truest sense. The fact that it has been developed keeping into consideration the requirements of residents played a major role in making it a favourite of locals and expats alike.

    Residential properties for sale in Mirdif area include apartments in different configurations along with ultra-luxury villas and townhouses. These properties are available in furnished, unfurnished, and semi-furnished states.

    Popular Locations for Residential Properties for Sale in Mirdif Area

    Mirdif features four sub-communities Ghoroob, Uptown Mirdif, Shurooq, and Mirdif Tulip. Among these sub-communities, expats can buy freehold properties in Mirdif Tulip only. These sub-communities feature low-rise apartment buildings having studios and 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments.

    You can also find luxury villas and townhouses in these sub-communities. All the residential developments in the Mirdif area are planned masterfully and feature state of the art amenities. The villas, in particular boast of the latest architectural values.

    These are some of the popular locations in the Mirdif area where you can find residential properties for sale:

    • Janayen Avenue
    • Al Multaqa Avenue
    • Mirdif Hills
    • Uptown Mirdif
    • Garden Apartments
    • Mirdif Tulip
    • Mirdif Villas

    Note: Those looking to buy the whole building can also find opportunities in Mirdif.

    Price Trends for Residential Properties for Sale in Mirdif

    Price trends for residential properties in Mirdif depend majorly on the type of property you purchase and the development it is located in. As Mirdif is a preferred neighbourhood among renters, it ensures increased ROI for buyers and investors. If you want to generate a continuous stream of income, you can explore different Mirdif apartments for sale, select the best out of the lot, and rent it out to tenants.

    Other than the type of property and location, price of properties in Mirdif depends on:

    • Configuration
    • Design & style
    • Amenities & facilities
    • Views it offers

    Steps to Buy Property in Mirdif

    Follow these steps to buy property in Mirdif:

    Finalise the Type of Property

    The process commences with finalising the type of residential property in Mirdif. Decide beforehand whether you are looking for a duplexand townhouse for sale or interested in buying an apartment or villa. It will help to streamline the process ahead.

    Explore Listings

    Visit online portal and explore listings available for the selected residential property type in Mirdif. You can also apply different filters to refine the search results. For example, if you are looking for villas, select “villa” from the property type menu and apply other filters such as “minimum price”, “maximum price”, “rooms”, etc. to get refined results that match your interest.

    Take Virtual Tours

    Visiting each property individually can become quite difficult and time-consuming. This is where advanced technology can help to make the process easy for you. You can have virtual tours of properties located in Mirdif via online means. These tours are like 3D walkthroughs that show every part of the selected property. By having these tours, you can decide whether a property is suitable for you or not.

    Visit the Property

    Next, visit the short-listed properties one by one. Pay close attention to every detail. While visiting the property, don’t rush into things. Instead, take your time to inspect every aspect during your visits to ensure no part of the living space is left uninspected. Having professional help from agents can prove helpful. 

    Look for Features & Facilities

    Make sure the residential property you have selected is laced with modern facilities and features including:

    • Spacious and airy rooms
    • Abundant sunlight that creates a bright ambience
    • Pleasant views of the surrounding areas
    • A parking area adjoined to the residential building
    • A calm and peaceful neighbourhood
    • The fittings of kitchen and washroom etc. must be in good condition
    • Availability of a fitness centre and swimming pool in the building
    • Easy access to metro stations or other means of commute
    • Availability of advanced, 24/7 security measures

    Reserve the Property

    The final step is to reserve the property in your name. Once you have finalised each and every detail i.e. the property and its price, you need to sign the pre-sale agreement. Read every clause before signing it. You will need your valid passport and Emirates ID at this stage.