Flats & Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

studio 1 bath 556 sqft
Hydra Avenue C4, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 700,000


3 beds 4 baths 1744 sqft
Marina Heights 1, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,650,000


3 beds 4 baths 2002 sqft
Al Durrah Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 2,100,000


2 beds 3 baths 1829 sqft
Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 2,932,300


2 beds 3 baths 1626 sqft
Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 2,750,000


2 beds 3 baths 1036 sqft
The Bridge, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,100,000


2 beds 3 baths 1133 sqft
Al Khaleej Village, Al Ghadeer, Abu Dhabi
AED 900,000


1 bed 1 bath 1011 sqft
Al Mahra Residence, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,031,933


1 bed 2 baths 1014 sqft
Sun Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,100,000


2 beds 3 baths 1782 sqft
Hydra Avenue C4, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,250,000


studio 1 bath 797 sqft
Hydra Avenue C4, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 570,000


studio 1 bath 514 sqft
Hydra Avenue C6, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 520,000


1 bed 2 baths 936 sqft
Tala Tower, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 800,000


2 beds 3 baths 1366 sqft
Ansam 3, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,900,000


1 bed 2 baths 895 sqft
Al Sana 2, Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,100,000


2 beds 3 baths 1800 sqft
Hydra Avenue C4, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,500,000


2 beds 3 baths 1778 sqft
Amaya Tower 1, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,400,000


1 bed 2 baths 852 sqft
Beach Towers, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 850,000


3 beds 4 baths 1744 sqft
Marina Heights 1, Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 1,900,000


studio 1 bath 547 sqft
Ansam 1, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
AED 750,000


Apartment Types
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    Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

    In times like these when the markets are volatile, UAE continues to attract investors at an unprecedented rate.  Abu Dhabi is one of the premier destinations for investors. With its solid political systems and vast oil and cash reserves, there are few storms Abu Dhabi cannot weather. The emirate, which earlier was overlooked by the real estate investors has made a roaring comeback and providing surprisingly stable returns.

    Abu Dhabi is home to global attractions and cultural sites, preserving the heritage of the past and creating futuristic landmarks that celebrate progress.

    Blessed with abundant natural resources and a vision to succeed, there are tone of opportunities to find apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi.

    That phase of decline triggered by global oil prices seems to be slowly receding now and things will stabilise in the near future for investing in Abu Dhabi real estate and finding out apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi.

    Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

    Popular places to look for an apartment for sale in Abu Dhabi

    The Abu Dhabi real estate market also appears to be catching up to the rest of the emirates and with a fantastic infrastructure in place, finding the perfect apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi should not prove to be difficult. This makes it the ideal time for investing in Abu Dhabi real estate. The most popular areas for finding apartments for sale in Abu Dhabu are as follow:

    Al Reem Island

    Al Reem is one of the first free zones in Abu Dhabi. Expats can buy apartments in Abu Dhabi as leasehold from the selection of commercial and residential units in Al Reem island. Being a natural island, it creates a perfect environment for relaxation, work and living as well.

    Al Raha Beach

    Al Raha is a relatively younger neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi. This gorgeous waterfront area is a promising luxury residential area for expats.Popular areas in and around the vicinity includes the likes of Al Raha Gardens and Al Raha Beach. It is to the north-east of the city centre, facing Yas Island, and in close proximity to Khalifa City.

    Saadiyat Island

    Just 7min from downtown Abu Dhabi and 20min from AD International Airport, Saadiyat Island is a world class leisure, residential, business and cultural hub of global proportions, housing the world's largest single concentration of premier cultural assets, including the Zayed National Museum, Louvre Abu Dhabi and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi - all designed by Pritzker prize winners.

    Khalifa City

    Live the peaceful suburban life in Khalifa city. The area is extremely popular expats and is located on the main highway to Dubai, about 25 kilometres from Abu Dhabi. Properties in the area include residential and commercial units, as well as many international hotels.

    Al Karamah

    Al Karamah is located in Abu Dhabi City, almost in the centre of the island. It boasts a few international restaurant franchises and property prices here are more economical. There are certainly a lot of embassies here for countries such as Nepal, Poland and New Zealand, to name a few.

    Mohammed bin Zayed city

    If you're looking for peace and quiet around where you live, then Mohamed bin Zayed city is your place. Popularly known as MBZ city, it is close to the industrial areas of Abu Dhabi, such as Mussafah, and Emirati areas such as Madinat Shakhbout. Named in honour of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the residential community has spacious, colourful villas, ranging from two to six-bedroom units that.

    YAS Island

    Yas Island is one of the most popular destinations in the UAE. It is home to Formula One in the UAE and houses one of the most famous malls in the city and a great nightlife. Add to this spectacular theme parks like Warner Bros. Park and the Yas Waterworld Park and you will be convinced that it is the place to live!

    Property prices and returns in Abu Dhabi are linked to population and supply. We advise you to buy an investment where your rent is going to pay your mortgage and make some money on the side as well. You’ll be paying off the debt, accumulating equity in the asset and pocketing some change from the rental return. Therefore investing in apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi seems like a pretty smart thing to do.


    Living in Abu Dhabi

    On-island accommodation is generally more costly than off-island accommodation, as is the case with furnished and unfurnished housing, respectively. Don't forget to broach the subject of a shipping allowance or, for those planning to buy most of their household goods upon arrival, a start-up stipend.

    Utilities are reasonably priced in Abu Dhabi. However, utilities nonetheless form part of an expat's account. As is the case anywhere, an individual's cost of living in Abu Dhabi is highly variable; the opportunity to live a life of opulence exists, as does the chance to get by cheaply and conveniently.

    Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi

    Features to look for when you're buying an apartment in Abu Dhabi

    Public Transportation options available:

    When you're looking for flat on sale in Abu Dhabi, one of the priorities needs to be finding convenient public transportation around your vicinity. Fortunately, Abu Dhabi offers many public transportation options with cabs and buses doing the rounds every few minutes. That being said, it is always preferable to own a car, new or used (the market for used cars is thriving in the entire UAE), for which you will have many options.

    Shopping and entertainment options:

    Abu Dhabi, like its cousin Dubai, is extremely popular for its shopping as well as entertainment options. The Emirate is full of theme parks and adventure activities, both indoor as well as outdoors. Fortunately for those looking for a flat on sale in Abu Dhabi, these theme parks and activities are within 30-45 minutes of driving distance away from wherever you live in Abu Dhabi.

    Schools in and around the city:

    UAE is quickly becoming the education hub of the middle east and so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Abu Dhabi too boasts of some of the best schools in the region. With new international school coming up in Abu Dhabi every year, rest assured that wherever you're looking for a flat for sale in Abu Dhabi, you will find a quality school around your locality.

    Proximity to the hospitals:

    Another essential item on the list is hospitals. Abu Dhabi has several multi-specialty hospitals which offer round the clock service. If you're someone who is on the lookout for a flat for sale in Abu Dhabi, then you can breathe easy and need not worry about your proximity to quality health care.

    Year on year change in the property value:

    Even after the volatile market concerns which shrouded the middle east, Abu Dhabi has made a grand return and exciting real estate investors around the globe. After the initial shock and slump in the real estate market, Abu Dhabi has recovered extremely well and the growth trajectory is heading in the right direction. With a lot of supply, buyers are having a great time investing in Abu Dhabi.

    Cost of living:

    With more expats thronging the shores of Abu Dhabi, the city has slowly but surely gotten to terms with the demands of its residents. The cost of living in Abu Dhabi as compared to its neighbor Dubai is significantly low. From the cost of flat for sale in Abu Dhabi to public transportation and cost of grocery, Abu Dhabi offers a relatively cheaper haven for those looking to make the sandpit their home.

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