The number of advanced cities in the world are increasing year over year. But it’s difficult for other tech destinations around the world to grab position from other well established advanced cities. Have a read of this spectacular list of cities.

1. Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is the most advanced city in the world. Tokyo is blessed with tech savvy population, and more people working STEM. In addition to this, they have world class infrastructure compared to other global destinations.
The people of Tokyo use latest cars, modern house / flats, best roads, high-speed internet, e-Government services, less crime, advanced gadgets among almost population and much more.

2. Silicon Valley, USA
Silicon Valley requires no introduction to any IT related employees around the world. It is the home of many large companies and corporations in USA. They have covered almost every areas of technology in USA and around the world. Most of IT and IT related companies in Silicon Valley offers high salaries compared to other US cities.
Google, Apple, Facebook Facebook, eBay, Intel, HP, Sun Microsystems, AOL, Mozilla, Symantec, and many other popular IT companies in USA have offices in Silicon Valley.

3. Singapore
Singapore is the most popular destination for modern technology in the Asian continent. Singapore is the most hi-tech city in Asia. There are lots of companies, which have their research centers in Singapore such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Fuji, Temasek Holdings, Google and others. Singapore is also known for its high-rise buildings and apartments. The city has so many modern marvelous architectures such as the Marina Bay Sands, Underwater World and others.
Singapore provides the free high speed Internet to its citizens. The majority of stores accepts Credit Card/Debit Card as well as mobile payments. Singapore uses toll technology which will identify how much time you have used road, based on that, it will charge you.

4. Seoul, South Korea
Seoul is the high-tech capital of South Korea. The capital of the country is the world famous for its high-tech lifestyle. Seoul is the headquarters of so many global companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and many others.
Seoul only accounts of 0.6 % total land of South Korea but it accounts 21% of GDP of the country. Seoul is another city from Asia with high-rise and skyscraper buildings everywhere in the city with latest technology. The most of the citizens in the city works in the high-tech industry.

5. Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei is one of the most advanced cities in the world. It’s a popular tech destination in Asia. In recent years, the number of skyscrapers have increased. They have better urban infrastructure compared to other global cities. They have well trained employees and skilled manpower.
Taipei offers one of the fastest internet speeds to their citizens. They offers best education, amazing healthcare facilities, superb infrastructure, tech savvy citizens, e-Government services, and much more.

6. New York City, USA
The city of New York is the sixth advanced city in the world. They are popular in each and everything, from world class infrastructure to world’s most popular new year’s event at the Times Square. They are ahead in each and everything. The city of New York is the home of world famous buildings and skyscrapers.
The people of New York are tech savvy and use world class products in tech, such as latest smartphones, gadgets, electronic devices and internet of things.

7. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is one of the costliest cities in the world. Hong Kong is widely known for it’s high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in the world. Hong Kong is the financial hub of Asia.
The people of Hong Kong enjoys one of the highest internet speeds. E-government facility enabled the citizen services online. It has all the facilities and infrastructure required for an advanced city.

8. Dubai
Dubai has achieved yet another accolade after being ranked in the top 20 most innovative cities in the world, according to the Dubai Innovation Index Report.
While it may only be 44 years old, Dubai came in at an impressive 16th position out of 28 global cities– London claimed first place followed by Hong Kong and Singapore. The emirate beat Madrid, Milan, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Shanghai and Beijing.

9. Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Recently, Stockholm emerged as the fastest growing technology hub in Europe. There are a large number of tech startups which are located in Stockholm. These companies employ the thousands of people, which makes it one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the European continent.
The people of Stockholm enjoy the high speed Internet, computerized offices and schools. A highly computerized e-government enabled the people of Stockholm in getting most of services online.

10. Shanghai, China
Shanghai is one of the fastest growing financial centres in the world. In recent years, a large number of companies have opened their offices in Shanghai for more business in China. The city has a good infrastructure, high-speed internet facility, internet penetration, business friendly policy, skilled manpower, and much more.

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