Bordering Sienna’s central park and a tranquil lake, Aqua, being one of the premium modern houses, is the waterfront selection that sets a new standard for Mount Waverley. 

Aqua is an absolute waterfront featuring bespoke modern architecture defined by the highest levels of quality and function from one of Melbourne’s most vibrant architectural studios.

Aqua is a premium selection of individually designed homes presiding over picturesque water views in the green heart of Sienna. These premiere properties will have anyone looking for a house for sale in Mount Waverley understand why waterfront views are essential to premium modern homes. 

Serene and pristine atmosphere

Whether you are looking for Mount Waverley houses for sale or real estate in Mt Waverley or want to buy a property in UAE, the desired atmosphere is everything. Being near a waterfront view guarantees an abundance of sunshine and natural light. Natural light allows for a serene and pristine atmosphere that brings sophistication to a home that you can enjoy spending time in but also looks fresh and modern. 

In addition to a serene atmosphere inside your brightly lit home, having nature right outside your home can provide a sense of calm whether you’re inside or outside.

Premium Modern Houses – Connected with nature

Being connected to nature is truly one of life’s joyous moments. Whether it’s a morning walk around the lake for some fresh air, or taking the kids to see the ducks or fly a kite, to even just a pause. A waterfront home provides all of these remedies that allow you to experience life in a tranquil manner.

As with any proximity to nature, living near a great park can provide immense health benefits. 

Increased health benefits

When living near a waterfront, every day can feel like a vacation or relaxing environment. Waking up to a beautiful sky and a tranquil body of water can only be good for the soul. However, the fresh air and Vitamin D from the sunshine does more for your soul, it actually does have a great effect on your health, mood, and well-being. Being near sunshine and water is essential to premium modern homes.    

An investment in your health is a wise personal contribution that can lead to longevity, but these premium properties also provide a great financial investment.

Securing a great investment

When purchasing a new home in Mount Waverley or Glen Waverley, you can expect it to be the home you want to stay in for the remainder of your life. However, when buying a new home, it can be difficult to determine the financial security of your new investment. 

Waterfront homes are timeless and often sought after for the benefits of a serene and pristine atmosphere, being connected to nature and the added health benefits. By being popular, they will likely never lose their value, thus ensuring a strong financial investment. 

Sienna Mt Waverley is a coveted location and distinctive residential vision encompassing lush parkland and a pristine lake.

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