The most important rule for renting an apartment or villa in Dubai includes starting with a quick online search on to search for your perfect home from a multitude of Dubai rental property listings.

Take a look at our list of top things to look past whilst house hunting so that you don’t miss out on that diamond in the rough.

Age of the house:

Not all old houses are bad and nor are all newly built houses nicer. You can always fix a dated home with some TLC; plus older houses have charm, timeless style and character that you may not find in a brand new build and even better, they may leave you more room to negotiate on the price.

Bizarre paint colours:

A purple living room or a bright pink kitchen can be off-putting but look past bad colour choices as you can easily throw some fresh paint on the walls. Focus on the layout and placement of windows, doors and rooms instead.

Unappealing wallpaper:

A hideous wallpaper isn’t inviting, but changing it is an incredibly easy and a cheap fix. So, don’t fret.

Terrible flooring:

Hate the carpet or the parquet flooring? Once the house is yours, you can rip out the carpet or install your own flooring.

Worn out furniture:

Is the furniture too old? Hate the colour of the couch? The décor leaves with the owner, so take a breath.


No one likes to enter a cave when they’re expecting to see the bedroom, but before you dismiss a house, check if trees or hedges are blocking the light and if minor changes to the external landscaping will fix the situation.

Bad smells:

There’s nothing a deep cleaning can’t fix, so don’t sweat.


You can always switch up rooms, so notice the structure of each room, not what it’s currently being used for.

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