Dubai is a glamorised hub for living a luxurious and modern life. Along with its iconic landmarks, remarkable tourist destinations, and divine shopping experience, the city presents numerous employment opportunities, investment prospects, and a sustainable future.

Above all, the city of gold is always jumping over the fence to chase the elements that will improve the comfort of the residents. Hence, the government is enthusiastic about satisfying the citizens by investing in smart and sustainable projects.

In recent years, Dubai has catapulted itself towards the most sustainable and smart future by adopting agile and new-age technology and solutions. Smart Dubai is one of the major steps taken by the government to achieve this goal.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and learn about it in great lengths:

Smart Dubai – An Initiative To Transform The Emirate Into A Smart City

 A Smart City


Smart Dubai is an online platform for Digital Dubai. The Smart Dubai initiative was launched in 2014 by the vice president, prime minister of the UAE, and Dubai’s ruler, his highness, Shiekh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Notably, this initiative is a collective endeavour to satisfy its people, the most valuable asset.

With the determination to become the smartest city in the world, the infrastructure is harnessing the strengths of digital technology and innovative solutions. It proposes to transition the city to such an extent that digital transformation leaves a prominent and positive influence on the environment. Hence, Smart Dubai strategically embraces the technology to give citizens a seamless, safe, efficient and personalised experience. Ultimately, it will deliver improved quality of life and ensure environment-friendly solutions.

Smart Dubai Strategy – The Unrivalled Foundation!

Smart Dubai initiative announced its 5-year smart city strategy, named Smart Dubai 2021, in 2017. It focuses on six dimensions, i.e., living, governance, economy, environment, transportation and people. The strategy is based on four cross-sectoral pillars that are explained below briefly:

Smart Dubai Strategy


1.  Creating Seamless City Experience

The ambition of “being the happiest city on the planet” has brought together Dubai institutions in order to improve and optimise diverse city experiences. Smart Dubai has created a one-of-a-kind network of “Happiness Champions” across more than 50 public and private sector organisations to spread the culture of happiness via technological innovation.

2.  Using Open and Shared Data as a Strategic Asset

Smart Dubai initiated two primary and complementary efforts, Dubai Data and Dubai Pulse. The Dubai Data project intends to deliver seamless, efficient, impactful, and safe data governance and data sharing at the city level. As a result, it contributes to Dubai’s smart transformation. In contrast, Dubai Pulse serves as the city platform established through a public-private partnership.

The use of open and shareable data has been acknowledged as a key asset for improving city experiences and satisfaction. As a result, the primary building blocks for data are Dubai Data Law, Dubai Data Policies, Dubai Data Standards, and Dubai Pulse. City-level Dubai Data Champions have been appointed from both the public and private sectors. Well-defined curriculum-based training and skill-building programmes have been implemented to accelerate data management and data science abilities.

3.  Establishing Internal Government Efficiency As A Strategic Competitive Advantage

Synergies involved in strategic ICT implementation, such as IoT and data platforms, AI-powered systems, blockchain platforms, digital identification and payment, and shared back-office operations, pushed Smart Dubai to adopt a comprehensive strategy. The goal is to establish shared ICT services and infrastructures.

4.  Implementing A Robust Inclusive Ecosystem

Smart Dubai has grown into a lively and productive ecosystem. As a matter of fact, it is vital to its smart, sustainable city development. Also, it opens the doors for a diverse range of stakeholder participation and interaction.

Smart Dubai Projects – Endeavours To Sophisticated Infrastructure

1.  Smart Cities Global Network

Dubai launched the Smart Cities Global Network in April 2018. It aims to establish several smart cities in Dubai. In these communities, digital technologies, IT solutions and renewable resources will play a critical role in the infrastructure, services and operations. Hence, you have an amazing opportunity to buy property in Dubai and gain access to a better world.

2.  Dubai Paperless Strategy

Indeed, this strategy encapsulates the importance of a paperless environment. Since 2021, 100 per cent of internal operations and customer-facing services will be digital. With this in mind, the government will no longer issue or request paper papers in any of its operations.

3.  RTA eWallet

In 2013, the RTA introduced the eWallet, which allows for safe online transactions.

4.  RFID For Salik

The government utilises Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to collect Salik toll fees across its several smart gates. Consequently, it reduces traffic congestion and saves you time by eliminating the need to travel through physical gates and pay in cash.

5.  Smart Nol Cards

In 2013, the RTA launched the Smart Nol card. The residents and expats can use it to commute on Dubai Metro, Buses, Dubai Tram and marine transport modes like Water Buses. In addition, they can use it for RTA’s Paid Parking.

6.  Start-up Support

Within the Fourth Industrial Revolution framework, the Dubai start-up and entrepreneur ecosystem serves as the basis for deploying technology in municipal services. Furthermore, this project offers a brilliant investing and growing environment for creative minds to start their own business in Dubai.

Smart Dubai Apps and Services – Intelligent Solutions

Smart Dubai Apps and Services


Smart Dubai offers multiple digitalised apps and services that support easy and quick payment alternatives. These apps cater to almost every industry, from healthcare and transportation to real estate and businesses. Some of the examples are DubaiApp Now, UAE Pass App, Dubai Careers App and many more.

Smart Dubai – A Step Ahead To Better World

In all, Smart Dubai initiative is transforming Dubai into a suitable destination to start fresh and embrace all environment-friendly practices. It aims to make life easier and convenient for everyone by adopting ICT solutions based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

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