With countless options to entertain yourself, Dubai is truly the global tourist destination. For those living in Dubai though, it does get a little monotonous. An ideal weekend getaway is what the residents crave from time to time and Hatta offers exactly that. With its aesthetic mountain ranges along with a rich, cultural backstory, if you haven’t visited Hatta yet, then you definitely should. Apart from the magnificent mountains, off-beat tourists often find themselves flocking to Hatta Dubai for a pleasant change in the climate. Take an unplanned bike ride or battle the waves on a colourful kayak, there’s so much to do for adventure seekers who wish for an adrenaline rush. A trip to Hatta Dubai is an escape away from the hustle of city life, so here’s all you can experience on your perfect trip to Hatta, Dubai.

Visit The Hatta Heritage Village

Stroll through Dubai’s oldest village, learn about its ancient tales and witness the age-old towers, mosques and forts. Restored in 2001, the Hatta Heritage Village today displays a number of artefacts such as weapons, furnishings as well as instruments that will give you an insight into its glorious past.

Barbeque With a view at the Hatta Hill Park

Take a short ride away from the village into the Hatta Hill Park – developed by the Dubai municipality for recreational and environmental reasons. Relish delicious barbecue with panoramic views of the glorious mountains and Hatta village from the top. Ideal for a romantic evening as well as a family dinner, Hatta Hill Park will truly become the highlight of your trip.

Go Kayaking in Hatta Dam

Challenge the thrill-seeker in you with an adventurous kayak ride down the Hatta Dam. Rent a kayak from a kiosk around and set sail on an exciting ride across the Hatta lake. Experience nature at its finest as you wade by some spectacular species of birds as well as fishes that inhibit the vicinity. If you’re someone who prefers a peaceful ride, opt for a paddle boat instead!

Hatta Rock Pools

In this hidden gem, you can swim through the slender, rocky corridors amidst spectacular waterfalls and mountainous scenery. Hatta Rock Pools is perfect for both adventure and peace-seekers. PS: Due to the escalation of the security in the border, an Omani visa is mandatory for tourists.

Mountain Biking

For the more adventurous, the Hatta Mountain Bike Trails is definitely worth a visit. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the Hatta MBT Centre is home to a cross country route that has trails for all abilities. You can find trails for all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Mountain bike across Hatta’s trails to explore the area in a completely unique way! The best part? Hatta’s trails are free to ride and open year-round to visitors and comes with plenty of free parking as well. Pack your off-road bikes and make your way to one of the more thrilling attractions in Hatta!

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