Thinking about giving your bathroom an overhaul in your newly bought property in Dubai? What’s new in bathroom design? Here are some of the trends that are making a splash.

Clean Design:

There’s a move towards minimalist design dressed in warmer and earthier tones such as bronze, clean lines, open or floating vanities and sleek metal details. People are also opting for hidden, built-in handles for a cleaner look and more individual spaces such as dedicated dressing and water closets.

Floor Tiles:

Statement-making, colored floor tiles provide a great design opportunity when working with bathrooms that have no clear walls for a feature wall. They’re also a great way to add style without overwhelming the space.

Bowl sinks are out:

Artsy bowl sinks are passé. Look for vanities with built-in or drop-in sinks that create a smooth, seamless transition between sink and countertop.

Freestanding bathtubs are in:

Ditch your huge, soaking tub for a smaller, sleeker freestanding bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs also spell the luxurious ambiance of a spa and set the mood for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day from work.

Bring the green in:

Draw design inspiration from nature. Introduce earthy materials like natural stone or wood-look tiles. Also bring in indoor plants, potted flowers, cascading creepers or hanging greens. They’ll make your bathroom more interesting and relaxing. Notice how plants are placed in the interiors of your favorite spa and try these styles in your own bathroom.

Add living room furniture and decor to your bathroom:

Throw in a floor runner, a couch, wall art and a side table to create a calm and inviting living room-like vibe.

Delve into technology:

In your new property in Dubai, say goodbye to basic hot and cold showers and faucets. And hello to user-friendly, energy-saving fixtures. Thermostatic mixers, rain showers with multi-function control and touchscreen showers – they’re all about creating refreshing experiences, giving users more control over the flow, mix and temperature of water and conserving water as well.

Add color:

Gray is in and is being used together with black or dark gray tiles. Deep hues of blue and gray-green shades are also becoming popular.To enhance the colors, you can also add greenary with plantation on your new property in Dubai.

Use smart lighting:

Install an accent light, a feature light or a sensor light that lights up your vanity cabinet. If you have the budget, consider introducing colored LED lighting. A color-changing backlit will instantly lift the mood of the space.

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