Ditch last year’s fads and upgrade your outdoor living space with these current trends which are best for people living in a rental apartment in Dubai. Linger in your patio long after the sun goes down.

1. Love the limelight:

Lime green and yellow are some of the most season’s most popular accent colours. Use these fresh, natural hues in a variety of materials and pair them with shades of white or grey – from pillows and vases to outdoor umbrellas. How about giving your door a pop of colour?

2. Vertical gardens:

Short on space? As long as you’ve got a blank wall that you wish to beautify, you can have a vertical garden, one of the biggest outdoor patio trends. Go in for succulents, herbs, low-maintenance plants or even perennials.

3. Edible gardens:

Why not tuck your tomatoes in with your lilies? Group veggies, herbs and flowers to add interesting textures and colours to your garden. Consider the overall look of each plant and group those that complement one another and share the same requirements for sun and shade.

4. Outdoor kitchens:

Make your outdoor space an extension of the home with the outdoor kitchen. Whilst earlier, parking a barbecue grill next to a picnic table would suffice for an outdoor kitchen, today, backyard cooking and dining is at a whole new level. From elaborate cooking islands and outdoor sinks to refrigerators and televisions, people are paying extra attention to their outdoor entertaining area.

5. Water features:

Water features are already incredibly popular. Consider fountains, cascading water elements and showers to add ambiance to your outdoor area.

6. Well lit areas:

Give your outdoor space a romantic feel with small spotlights and hurricane candles. Group them together or line them up along the patio floor. They work well for a wide range of budgets and around outdoor and dining areas.

7. Decks:

Decks in your outdoor quarters can help separate relaxing and entertaining areas. The season’s hottest trends include multi-level decks, grey toned deck areas and curved decks.

8. Children’s play areas:

If you have a large outdoor space, contain the children’s area to a small section of the garden. Include pieces, such as a slide or wooden playhouse.

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