Sharjah has many wonderful properties to rent. If you’re one of the new renters in Sharjah or are considering renting here, there are a few legal aspects to think about. To prevent any accommodation problems, remember these following points.

Landlords can’t charge an annual renewal fee unless it’s stated in the tenancy contract

Many renters in Sharjah have been told to pay annual fees despite it not being mentioned in their tenancy contract. This is legally not allowed. If you are asked to pay an annual fee or are told that you can have a discounted fee, you should not pay it.

Always contest any violations

As a tenant, you have rights and are allowed to contest any violations that occur. For instance, an additional fee not listed on your tenancy contract can’t be requested by your landlord or agency. Signing a separate contract with an agent that includes a request to pay additional rent is also a violation.

A tenancy contract is valid for three years

The law states that a tenancy contract is valid for three years and your rights as a tenant are protected during this period of time. After three years, you can agree to a new contract which must be signed by both yourself and your landlord. If there is an agreement to pay an annual fee within this new tenancy contract, then it must be paid by the tenant.

You can make an official complaint

If you can’t resolve any issues with your landlord then you can make an official complaint by submitting your tenancy contract and a form to the Rent Dispute Settlement Division at Industrial Area Five. Both these documents should be submitted before your contract expires in order to achieve a successful resolution.

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