Imagine waking up to unfiltered sun rays and soothing sea waves, sounds surreal, right? That’s why living by the water is one of the most cherished lifestyles. And needless to say, the waterfront location of Dubai tends to outpace it all.

The city is on the radar for profitable real estate projects with seafood, cultural attractions, and natural wonders. 

With the exciting round of events, there’s never a dull moment, particularly when living by beachfront projects in Dubai. Moreover, the extra amenities in the communities facing water bodies make the city an attractive place to live in. 

Top 10 Beachfront Projects in Dubai 

Those who love waking up to the freshening sunrays and sapphire blue waves can turn their dream lifestyle into reality, thanks to numerous beachfront projects in Dubai.

To make it easy for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best beachfront projects in Dubai. Keep on reading the guide below!

  • Emaar Beachfront 

The Emaar beachfront settles between Dubai Marina and New Dubai. This development by Emaar is one of the most sought-after yet exclusive beachfront projects in Dubai.

Besides, the community features a total of 27 residential towers. Moreover, the 1.5 kilometres long private beach and gorgeous waterfront view add to the significance. It’s easy access to luxurious seashores, yachts, eateries and high-end retail outlets makes it an ideal residential destination.

  • Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour is a newborn waterfront community located on a creek in Dubai. Comprising almost nine interconnected districts, the community strongly emphasises natural beauty and sustainable living. Those who love waking up to the incredible beach views find the residences admirable. You’ll witness the stunning creek views and Dubai’s skyline at once. If you’re seeking a bit of thrill, you can enjoy the many water sports available on the Creek.

  • Bluewaters Residences

To get an idea of how life will be in the upcoming Port de La Mer, you must look at the Bluewaters Residences. It’s another notable beachfront project in Dubai located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach.

The community complements its residential buildings with resort-style hospitality. Also, there’s a range of retail and dining options. Besides direct access to water activities, you can head over to the surrounding Dubai Square and the Island District.

  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)

JBR comes among one kind and is a luxurious beachfront project in Dubai. The area holds incredible apartments and hotels, all of which prioritise your ease and comfort.

The community lines up with high-end retail facilities, boutiques, and outdoor play areas. Apart from the incredible beach views, the area is also well-connected to Marina Walk, providing you exposure to all-time-beach strolling. Also, the activity aligns you with Dubai’s exciting nightlife and dine-in options.

The fact that properties in JBR are always in demand makes it suitable for investors as well.

  • Burj Al Arab

While talking about the most valuable beachfront projects in Dubai, how can we forget to mention the award-winning Burj Al Arab?

It’s an artificial island situated off the coast of Dubai. The island is home to some of the city’s best hotels, restaurants, and beaches. Therefore, residents of Burj Al Arab can access all the amazing water sports and stunning views of Dubai’s skyline. If you’re looking for an updated living experience by the beach, it’s the perfect spot for you. 

  • Six Senses Residences

One of the top beachfront projects in Dubai i n 2022, Six Senses Residence, is present on Palm Jumeirah. There’re 162 properties in Six Senses Residence, including 121 penthouses, 32 villas, and nine beachfront mansions. These developments provide gorgeous views of the world’s eighth wonder, Palm Jumeirah. With incredible sea views, occupants will enjoy every fancy amenity and watersport we can think of.

  • Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is a record-breaking destination when it comes to considering the best beachfront projects in Dubai. The island is set in the shape of a Palm-tree and is artificial. The fact that it’s visible from the space adds to its supremacy and makes it unique from other residential communities. The exotic structure hosts a range of residential properties and hotels.

At the Palm, you can enjoy the beachside living at the best as there’s something for every taste and budget. If you’re not up for villas, the exclusive apartments in Palm Jumeirah make a suitable alternative.

  • LIV Residences

Being built on one of the remaining lands of Dubai Marina, LIV Residences offer a stylish collection of apartments. It’s not a normal development but a glass-fronted tower with a unique structure.

Real estate experts expect the building’s upper portion to be the most sought-after, with open layouts and rooftop gardens. With the ideal Dubai Marina, one can enjoy easy access to fantastic lifestyle options. Also, they can almost move to the neighbouring JBR and Dubai Harbour.

  • Port De La Mer

One of the most anticipated beachfront projects in Dubai, Port De La Mer, has a state-of-the-art touch. It’s an upscale community with every facility within easy reach.

Being the ultimate waterfront living, the area nestles at the tip of the North Peninsula at La Mer. The most popular sub-section is La Voile, with Mediterranean clusters. And you’ll see a range of shopping complexes, retail outlets, and entertainment spots. Staying a few minutes away from the City Walk, La Voile makes an ideal home for fun-seekers.

  •  Sobha Creek Vista

Settles alongside Dubai Canal, Sobha Creek Vista is a beachfront community. The area is well-equipped with private international schools, healthcare facilities, and fitness centres. As for the residential complexes, the area spans villas, townhouses, and apartments. It’s one of the newest projects launched by Sobha with direct views of the Creek.

Wrap Up

Dubai is a great state that revolves around waters, and so the significance of waterfront living is unbeatable. Investing in beachfront projects in Dubai will be a wise move because of the escalating demand. Also, it can be an excellent opportunity to grab a beneficial ROI. If you’re planning to rent it out during vacation, the property will generate a steady income stream. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

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