If you were looking for the most beautiful houses in the world, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a walk, from magnificent elegant driveway, through stunning, modern white interiors to a gorgeous backyard like you’ve never seen before. These dream homes will make you drool!

House in Miyamoto, Japan, by Tato Architects

This simple home in Osaka was named House of the Year at this year’s Dezeen Awards, thanks to its ingenious internal layout.
Architect Yo Shimada devised a complex layout made up of platforms of different heights, this divides a warehouse-scale space into a series of more comfortable living spaces. Mini staircases connect floors, and the lack of walls allows plenty of light to fill the space.

Casa Montaña, Spain, by Baragaño Architects

One of the most popular house with respect to design is this home in the mountains of northwestern Spain. It was prefabricated in a factory, before being transported to its site and erected in just five hours.
Located on the site of an old stone granary, the house is composed of eight modules, stacked four by four.

Secular Retreat, UK, by Peter Zumthor

More than 10 years after it was first proposed, Peter Zumthor’s Devon countryside villa finally completed this year.
The house, which will be rented out as a holiday home through Living Architecture, was built from concrete rammed by hand. Inside, it is filled with furniture designed by the architect.

T Noie, Japan, by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki built this slender property as a home for himself and his family.
From the outside it is dark and mysterious, as it has almost no windows. But inside is an impressive open-plan space, organised around an eight-metre-high corridor. On the upper levels, rooms consist of simple wooden platforms, connected by very basic staircases.

H House, Chile, by Felipe Assadi Arquitectos

This long concrete house extends across a hillside, offering its residents impressive views of the Pacific Ocean.
Glass-fronted living spaces open out to a terrace that wraps the house, allowing residents to take full advantage of the scenery. There is also a swimming pool that cantilevers out into the air.

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