Small spaces are turning into the next big trend in real estate.
Due to overpopulation in cities and high prices in the housing market, it seems the natural solution is to think smaller.
Here are 10 of the smallest homes we could find, from all over the world. They’re on roofs, on wheels, and in backyards.

This 330-square-foot apartment in Hong Kong

Size: 330 sq. ft.
Location: Hong Kong, HK
Gary Chang, an architect in Hong Kong, turned his family’s tiny 330-square-foot tenement apartment into a sleek and efficient living space with 24 different room combinations, including bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even a guest bedroom area.
How did he transform it? Gary installed a few sliding panels which are moveable to reveal hidden areas. The system is known is the ‘Domestic Transformer’

New York City with 300-square-foot micro apartments.
Size: 300 sq. ft.
Location: New York, NY
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed a plan to create studio apartments that will be no more than 300 square feet.
These apartments, which are planned to be built in the area of Manhattan, are implemented to be an affordable housing option for the youth or fresh graduates. It consists of a kitchen, bathroom, living area and a sleeping area.
It is labelled as affordable, however, the price tag says otherwise as it costs around $2,000 per month to lease.

San Jose is also getting its own 300-square-foot micro apartments.
Size: 300 sq. ft.
Location: San Jose, California.
The San Jose Department for housing proposed a start of implementing small apartments. They signed to an agreement of building 42 single room apartments, of about 300 square feet or even less. It is designed by Studio E Architects. The apartment will contain a full kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. However, the waiting list for these studios is long but it comes with a cheap price tag with only $650 a month

Twelve Cubed is a company that makes 10- and 12-foot cubed housing units.
Size:288 sq. ft.
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
When James Stuart learned of a homeless woman who died of a fire in her cardboard shelter on the streets of Vancouver, he decided to found Twelve Cubed, a company that designs and manufactures 10x10x10-foot and 12x12x12-foot homes.
Each home, which is up to 288 square feet when you consider that it is two levels, has a bed, a living area, desk area, kitchen, and bathroom. It can even come equipped with a washer, dryer and a dishwasher. Stuart himself lived in one of these units for eight months to prove that it can be done, and is hoping cities will be interested in buying them as housing options.

This 258-square foot home in Barcelona was once an old pigeon loft.
Size: 258 sq. ft.
Location: Barcelona, Spain
When photographer Christian Schallert moved to Barcelona in 2003, he went searching for the perfect, affordable home. He found it in an old pigeon loft on top of a building, about 100 steps up.
When Schallert arrived, the 258-square-foot space was dirty and had not been maintained, but he designed and remodelled it into a warm, open, “Lego-style” apartment. The walls slide to reveal different room set ups. Moving panels hide his kitchen, closet, bathroom, dining room and living room, and the bed is stored under the terrace balcony that overlooks the city of Barcelona.

San Francisco is getting tiny 220-square-foot micro apartments meant for two people.
Size: 220 sq. ft.
Location: San Francisco, Calif.
The San Francisco administration recently has agreed to approve plans for apartments with only 220- square feet. However, it comes with the condition: One apartment can only contain a maximum of 2 tenants
375 units are being planned to meet the housing troubles and affordability standards for the city. An average studio costs $2,000 per month. However, these small apartments can be a deal-breaker, costing only about $1,200 dollars per month. It is a cheap option for the residents of San Francisco, however with that size, the price still comes off as expensive.

A Yale student built a 144-square-foot environmentally-friendly home instead of living in traditional student housing.
Size: 144 sq. ft.
Location: New Haven, Conn.
Elizabeth Turnbull, a student of Yale’s school of Forestry and Environmental Studies set the bar high by building a 144- square foot house for herself instead of living in the university’s hostel.
However, the great part about this is not the size she built for her, it is the components she used, which was by using an FSC-certified wood, Non-toxic paints and finishes and recycled windows to minimize any environmental damages

This 112-square-foot mobile house traveled across 9,000 miles.
Size: 112 sq. ft.
Location: Mobile around the U.S. and Canada
Zach Griffin and four friends decided to take an epic, cross-continental ski trip, and built a 112-square-foot mobile pod house where they lived for the six weeks, 9,000 mile-long trip.
The tiny house has a “drawbridge” bunk bed that comes down from the two-person sleeper loft, and a pull-out sofa bed. The skiers relied on the kindness of hostels and strangers for bathrooms, as the pod has none. It does, however, have electricity, a generator, and a toaster oven and propane stove as their kitchen.
They even made a movie about their trip in their tiny, temporary home.

This 104-square-foot home is beautifully designed.
Size: 104 sq. ft.
Location: Seattle, Washington.
Chris Tack and his wife, Malissa Tack built their 104-square-foot home just outside of Seattle. They had both been working in the tech industry and decided to leave their complicated, material lives behind and make a clean break, starting with a smaller, simpler home.
The home has cut their living cost substantially, and they predict the home will be paid in full in just two or three years. Chris Tack, who now works as a photographer, has taken many beautiful photos of the home, which has a kitchen, living and dining area, bathroom, storage area, and sleeping loft.

This 100-square-foot environmentally-friendly house will actually earn you money.
Size: 100 sq. ft.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
This home is called the “Eco-cube.” At 10 feet cubed, it’s still sizeable enough to hold a small living room, dining area, kitchen, washer and dryer, a closet, full shower, toilet and full-sized bed.
It was designed by Dr. Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire and founder of the Cube Project, an initiative created to prove that a person could “live a comfortable, modern existence with a minimum impact on the environment.” With solar panels, the Eco-cube can earn you $1,600 a year through the UK’s feed-in tariff.

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