Every homeowner dreams of selling their home in a quick and stress-free way where they just have to put it up for sale, find a qualified lead, get the payment and process the handover. This, however, is an ideal case scenario, which rarely happens.

The process to sell a housing unit in Dubai can be a little tricky as the demand is less than the supply. You really have to compete with other options available in the market to be able to sell your home. Furthermore, there are several factors that impact the selling process; some are in the seller’s control, while others are beyond their hands.

If you also intend to sell your home in Dubai, here’s a complete guide for you. We have divided it into two sections for your convenience. Continue reading to know more!

How to List Your Home in Dubai?

The first step is to list your home for sale. Here’s the right way to do this:

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Many believe that hiring a real estate agent is a thing of the past now as one can directly list their property online on different social media platforms. This, however, isn’t exactly the best way to do so.

Hiring a real estate agent comes with many perks, with the most prominent ones being their experience and market knowledge. Furthermore, they have access to the leading property portals in Dubai, where they can list your property to give it maximum exposure. Also, they can help you find the right channels to market it.

Other than that, a real estate agent can also help you with negotiating the price with the buyer and getting the documents required to sell your home.

Suffice it to say, it’s imperative for sellers to hire a real estate agent. Having said that, you will get all these benefits only if you’re relying on a professional and experienced agent. So, make sure to choose an agent who’s experienced, professional in their approach and boasts extensive knowledge of the Dubai property market.

Focus on the Online Appeal

Always remember that the online appeal of your home matters. It’s the first thing that potential buyers are going to see about your property. So, make sure you are doing everything in your capacity to list your home in the best way possible. And this is exactly where getting professional photographs clicked of your home comes into the picture. Uploading quality images and videos of your home will boost the chances of your home being sold at high rates up to a great extent.

You need to give something to attract buyers, and the best way to do this is to get professional pictures of your home. Almost everyone these days has mobile phones with high-resolution cameras that they can use to click pictures. It is, however, recommended to hire professionals for this purpose. They have experience in clicking pictures from certain angles that will make your home look bigger and spacious. Furthermore, experienced photographers know how to make a property look beautiful through their cameras.

For an added impact, you can get a short video. It should highlight the focal areas of your home and present them in an appealing manner.

Be Descriptive

Do not miss out on mentioning any important detail about your property when listing it online. Write about the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, the area covered, and any other special feature of your home that deserves mention. For example, if there’s a swimming pool, extra storage room or any other facility, it should be highlighted in the description. This will help to grab potential buyer’s attention.

Set the Right Price

The next, and one of the most important steps when selling a home, is to set the asking price. And this is where most first time home sellers falter.

The decision of buyers is going to be influenced majorly by this step. So, you need to be very careful when setting the price. Study the market and know about property rates within your area. Also, leave some room for negotiation.

The price shouldn’t be too high to drive away potential buyers, nor it should be too low as they will think that the property has some flaws. You need to set a realistic price that will get you maximum leads.

How to Sell Your Home in Dubai?

Now that you have successfully listed your property, it’s time to pay importance to some other factors that will help to sell your home:

Create a Timeline

Selling a property isn’t an easy process. As a matter of fact, it can prove to be quite overwhelming. This is why it is important to plan everything properly beforehand and setting a timeline can help in this regard.

You should start planning everything at least two to three months prior to the time you want to sell your home. Start with interviewing different real estate agents, then prepare your home for viewing. Furthermore, there are so many other things to do, such as getting necessary repairs and required documents. All these things will take some time. Having a timeline will help to streamline the entire process.  

Conduct a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A pre-sale home inspection is not mandatory but can prove to be really helpful when you plan to sell your home. If you’re getting this service, professional home inspectors will visit your home and inspect every part of your home to identify mechanical or structural problems that you need to pay heed to before putting your home up for sale.

This will help you to stay a couple of steps ahead of the potential buyers as the things that they will potentially flag during the home inspection visit will be already taken care of. Furthermore, it will speed up the entire process as well.

Get Necessary Upgrades

Once you have identified the issues in the pre-sale inspection report, it’s time you get the necessary upgrades. Bear in mind that not every flaw or fault needs to be repaired. Do a thorough cost analysis and then decide which issues need to be resolved.

For example, if the kitchen cabinets look old and rusty, getting them replaced will add value to your home. However, remodelling the entire kitchen just because it looks old and dated wouldn’t be a wise idea. You may end up losing money on the entire deal.

Keep it Ready for Viewing

It’s important that you keep your property ready for viewing before putting it up for sale. For this, your home should be in mint condition. If it’s too messy or unclean, it won’t attract buyers.

Other than that, declutter and depersonalise your property. It should allow buyers to visualise themselves in your home. Improve the curb appeal as well. This is the first thing a potential buyer notices when they visit apartments or villas for sale. Also, make sure the entire home is properly lit at the time of inspection. It creates a lively ambience.

Adopting these practices will help to sell your home quickly at the right price.

Have the Required Documents with You

There’s extensive paperwork involved during the entire process, whether you want to sell your apartment, villa or any other type of residential property. Some important documents that you must keep in your possession include:

  • Form A
  • Form F or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the property developer
  • Emirates ID
  • Original Passport
  • Original Title Deed

It’s important that you arrange these documents in advance to save yourself from troubles arising in the later stages when selling your home.

Negotiate Offers

At this point, offers will start pouring in. Negotiate the offers tactfully to sell your home at the desired rates. You can ask for assistance from your agent in this regard.

We hope that this detailed guide will help to sell your home quickly. For further assistance, feel free to get in touch with real estate experts at Zoom Property. You can also request a call back by using the Zoom Property mobile application.

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