If we could rate our favourite Japanese things, sushi would rule the list. Sushi has been reshaped, renamed and mixed with a variety of other food items. Cake, pies, burgers, burritos — you name it and they have it. But no food collaboration comes close to the authentic taste of rice, seaweed and fish wrapped together in bite-size deliciousness. Like all famous cuisines, Dubai has its fair share of sushi places. From malls to fancy restaurants, we’ve worked hard to list the best places to grab a sushi bite right here in Dubai.

Zuma Dubai

The Izakaya inspired Japanese restaurant, created by Rainer Becker, is a success story from London to Dubai. At Zuma, the food is served to share. The heavenly Japanese cuisine keeps the conversation going in an informal yet sophisticated style of eating and drinking, with a contemporary twist. A little heavier on the pocket but definitely worth the money. According to one reviewer at Four Square “Three things are a must at Zuma: the Tuna Sashimi (so fresh!), the Cod (comes wrapped in some leaf) and finally the Sirloin Steak with sesame seeds.” The sushi here is, without any doubts, the best sushi in Dubai.


This multi-award winning home-grown contemporary Japanese restaurant has received critical acclaim and is the winner of over 70 Hospitality Awards including Best Japanese Restaurant in 2016. The place offers contemporary Japanese cuisine with an international edge in a chic, subtly lit style restaurant-bar. According to reviewers, “Zuma’s greatest nemesis will surely satisfy your taste buds. Order their crispy duck salad, spicy tempura prawns, miso black cod, chicken teriyaki, spicy edamame & their delicious sushi! Okku is love!”


Sushi is all about fresh fish, sharp knives, Japanese rice, nori (seaweed) and the skill of the chef. Nobu offers all of this in abundance. There is even a chance to learn to make sushi with the head chef once a month. Of course Nobu is also a fusion restaurant, one of the most famous Japanese fusion restaurants in the world. The creator, Chef Nobu Matsuhisha, is no stranger to Dubai, so is able to ensure that the quality is maintained. This restaurant even offers a Japanese garden experience to be found nowhere else in Dubai.


Toko in Downtown Dubai, just down the road from Dubai Mall, is another Japanese fusion restaurant first launched in Sydney, Australia. This restaurant is a delightful place to eat in, as the tables are well spaced and the stainless steel kitchen is aranged along the back wall, meaning there is plenty see. There is also an outdoor area for the quieter months. The businessman’s lunch offers sushi, scallops and black cod among other things, so it is possible to put together a menu that meets your tastes.
The full menu also includes chawan mushi, a savory egg custard I adore. This particular version, being fusion, came with truffle shavings on top. Although I was not delighted to see this, it was an inspired addition.

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