When you’re looking for a place to shop for groceries, consider what is more important for you- prices or the shopping experience. Some may scoff at the notion of a luxury supermarket, but comfort, choice, and a crowd-free environment are invaluable to others. Today, we focus on some of Dubai’s best and most well-known budget supermarkets.

1. Union Coop

One of the oldest supermarket chains in the UAE, Union Coop is well known for its charity drives every Eid and Ramadan (as well as in between) to help the less fortunate. They’ve been around for over 25 years and have some of the best prices on offer.
The Union Coop has plenty of branches spread over strategic areas in Dubai. From stores in Satwa and Rashidiya to Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim just to name a few, Union Coop always has really great deals and focuses a lot on helping the community. Their groceries are fresh and definitely more affordable than most other supermarkets in Dubai. The Union Coop is one of our top recommendations for affordable shopping.


2. Carrefour

This may be a bit of an obscure fact, but Carrefour started off in Dubai with just one branch in Deira City Centre when the mall opened, and it wasn’t even called Carrefour (it was previously known as Continent). Hailing from France, Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world, and one of the popular hypermarkets in the region.
The brand ensures customer satisfaction and convenience while offering unbeatable value for money with a vast array of more than 100,000 products from home electronics and clothing, to fresh fruits from around the world and locally produced items.
Carrefours are almost ubiquitous around the country, with many of the more popular malls having them (all the City Centres, Mall of the Emirates and other malls). Recently, the chain has launched a new way of shopping, Carrefour Express, which is basically compact Carrefours around the city which carry the essentials, as well as some of the Carrefour favourites and still offer the best price point.

3. Lulu Hypermarket

One of the country’s most famous success stories, the homegrown Lulu chain has some of the largest hypermarkets in the region. Currently, the LuLu Group operates 152 LuLu stores and 23 shopping malls across the GCC, Egypt, India, and the Far East. It’s success can be owed mostly to its upgraded services, product categories, amenities, design layout as well as a great understanding of Dubai’s buying culture.
The Hypermarkets are a great one-stop shop for everything from clothes to ethnic groceries and even electronics. Lulu’s popularity is best seen on the weekends, with long queues and full parking lots plaguing (or blessing?) the chain. It is rumoured to service 1,100,000 shoppers daily! Try to shop here on a weekday, and we promise you won’t be disappointed by the range of products and price points!

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