With the world becoming more interconnected and technologically advanced, jobs and career paths for an assortment of qualified citizens across different countries are starting to pop up as quickly. From the view of quality of life, living standards and job opportunities, here are the 10 best countries in the world for expats.

1. Seoul

Seoul has been in the top of the top cities for expats for some time. Seoul is a modern powerhouse for emerging technologies, head-turning and likes-tapping fashion, and architectural and city design made to capture your heart

2. Melbourne

Nestled on the southern tip of the continent, Melbourne is one of the best cities for expats in so many ways. Did you know that Melbourne actually has public holidays for certain sporting events? If you like watching football or horse racing, this is great for you. Even if you don’t really care for watching sports, you. still. get. the. day. off. Awesome, right? Also great is expats is the amount of too-cool-for-school vibes you can find (or not) hidden away across the city.

3. London

Home to people encompassing over 270 nationalities, London doesn’t stop short when it comes to being a global city. On par with (or moving beyond New York City), London is an international nerve center connecting the world’s businesses, fashion, art, and culture. This well-equipped city for expats gives a long introduction of its past and an solid plan for an inspiring future.

4. New York City

Shout out to all the non-US citizens reading this piece—You can come to our homeland (the good ol’ USA) for the expat experience of a lifetime. New York City is the world’s city; the experiences it offers just can’t be beat. And don’t get us wrong, they’re not all rosy cocktails and skipping around Central Park. New York City is full on—the highs and lows of the human experience and everything in between. Get ready for the ride of your life in one of the best expat cities of 2019!

5. Vancouver

One cannot think of Vancouver without filling their minds with images of a modern cities nestling up against gorgeous woodlands. Ski trips, kayaking the Sound, and delicious wineries await the intrepid traveler who decides to work abroad in Canada this year.

6. Berlin

Edgy. Grungy. Artsy. This is Germany like you’ve never seen before—and it doesn’t disappoint. From uncovering living history in the public walls reminding of hardship to making your own custom chocolate bar at the Ritter Sport Factory, the old capital and divided capital city of East Germany will keep you coming back.

7. Dubai

Sky-high Dubai is one of a kind! Never have we seen a city walk the line of tradition and opulence with such grace. This desert behemoth means long commutes, but it also means access to the center of the modern world. Don’t feel bad if the National Mosque brings you to tears from it’s beauty—it happens to the best of us. That is the reason people from all over the world want to buy a property in Dubai.

8. Auckland

Auckland often gets bypassed for the cool little capital of Wellington, but New Zealand’s north-North Island city can rock its own rhythm. From the karaoke bars and hipster coffee shops of Karangahape Road to the sweeping views of a nearby volcano (!), there’s plenty to keep you inspired in Auckland. Auckland is one of the best expat cities in 2019 because of its access to nature, high quality of living, and ample jobs.

9. Prague

Were you one of those children obsessed with fairytales? Did you one day dream of living among castles and gorgeous landscapes and cobble stone streets? Then it’s time to live out your childhood fantasies—and work abroad in 2019 in Prague! A modern city with a fable-friendly old town, it won’t take but two strolls over the Vltava to capture the magic of this Eastern bloc charmer.

10. Copenhagen

Cool little Copenhagen is a growing hotspot for expats—and not just because of promises of hygge. This cultured, bike-friendly urban center gives you upfront access to one of the most overlooked but powerful Northern European cultures. Find jobs abroad in Denmark in journalism, media, and sports.

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