Home to high-rise buildings and ultra-luxury residences, Dubai’s popularity knows no bounds among foreigners. Every year, a huge number of people move to the emirate in the hunt for employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. And most of them prefer rental accommodations since they are easy on the budget.

For many, the biggest challenge here is to find a property for rent in Dubai that suits your requirements and falls within your budget range. However, there’s another thing that you must pay attention to before finalising a rental property, particularly if you’re new to the Emirate. We are talking about tenant rights in Dubai.

Those who do not know about these rights are at the risk of being exploited by their landlords. So, if you do not wish to be in such a place where you are being taken undue advantage of, you must equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about tenant rights in Dubai.

In this article, we have shed light on some important rights every tenant is entitled to enjoy. Continue reading to know more:

Right to Rent a Liveable Property

The right to demand liveable accommodation is one of the fundamental tenant rights in Dubai. It is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure the same. This means they must make certain changes in the property in order to make it liveable.

Right to Getting Maintenance Work Done

In most cases, it’s the landlord who is responsible for maintenance work in rental properties. Therefore, as a tenant, you can ask your landlord for any repair or overhauling that’s necessary for the property to be in a liveable state. If they do not make the necessary changes, you can contact the Rental Disputes Settlement Centre.

Having said that, in certain situations, the tenants are bound by the contract to take care of the maintenance work. The property rent, in such cases, is on the lower side. There are some cases in which it’s agreed upon between the tenant and the landlord that the former will take care of minor maintenance while the latter will deal with major maintenance work.

Right to Protest Against Changes to the Property

If a landlord proposes changes to a property that impacts its liveability, the tenant reserves the right to protest against it. For instance, if this new proposed change limits the use of a certain portion in the house/apartment, you can file your objection.

Right to Decorate the Property

Every renter in Dubai can decorate the property the way they desire. However, they cannot make any structural changes to the property for this purpose.

Right to Getting Security Deposit Refunded

The renters in Dubai are required to deposit security at the time of signing the contract. It amounts to approximately 5 percent of the yearly rent if it’s an unfurnished property. In the case of a furnished property, the landlord may ask you to pay 10 percent of the annual rent as a security deposit.

It is important to note that this amount is refundable. Therefore, as a renter, you reserve the right to get it refunded after your tenancy contract has expired. It also falls under tenant rights to take legal action against their landlord if they do not refund the security deposit.

Right to Get a Notice for Eviction

Firstly, as per Dubai tenant rights, the landlord must give a valid reason if they want the renter to vacate the property. They also reserve the right to be notified. The landlord must give them a 12 months’ notice before the eviction date. In case, if the contract is non-renewed, a 90-day notice is served. However, there are certain cases in which the landlord can demand immediate eviction. This is due to misconduct on the part of the tenant.

For instance, if the tenant is found using the property in an illegal manner, or if they have sub-let the property without obtaining the owner’s permission, an immediate eviction can be demanded. Similarly, non-payment, structural changes to the property, not abiding by the tenancy contract laws, etc., are some of the reasons upon which the landlord may ask the tenant to vacate the property.

It is important that the notice must be in written form. It should be sent by registered mail or notary public. The tenant can refuse to vacate the property if the notice was communicated orally.

In case you believe you are wrongfully evicted from the property, you can file a case against your landlord with the rent dispute committee. Make sure to provide them with all the supporting documents.

Right to Renew the Contract

According to tenant rights in Dubai, the renter reserves the right to renew the tenancy contract, provided the landlord agrees to it.

Remember the fact that the landlord may increase the rent after the contract term is over. But, as a tenant, you can make sure the rent is increased according to the RERA’s rental brackets.

Way Forward

While knowing about tenant rights can help avoid landing in daunting circumstances, understanding your responsibilities as a renter holds equal importance as well. So, dig up some information about your duties as a tenant and ensure you fulfil them. This way, no unpleasant issue will arise from either side, resulting in a smooth tenancy period.

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