Can’t afford to buy an apartment in a shiny, new tower? Instead of pining over that luxury pad you’re missing out on, take time to focus on the positive.

Your living room’s the place you chill out in most, so make the small space your favorite hangout with these fab styling tricks.

1. Position Your Sofa Correctly:

Your couch is often the largest piece of furniture in the living room, so placing it in the right spot will make a world of difference. Position it in such in such a way that it faces the door, whether it’s angled in a corner, floating or along a wall.

2. Hang Curtains High in the Living Room:

Curtains above the window bring light and add height to a studio apartment.

3. Soften Your Space:

Throw in a few cozy accessories such as oversized pillows or a soft throw over the arm of a couch. Rather than having just one high-voltage ceiling lamp to light up the entire room, try a combination of floor, table, ceiling and wall lamps to make the space glow.

4. Free Up Space With Lighting:

Attach lighting to the walls or hang lights from above to save room on floor space and side tables.

5. Choose the Right Furniture:

Avoid bulky couches and coffee tables. Purchase small-scale furniture with exposed legs. Exposing the legs helps make your area look spacious. Also add small stylish storage boxes underneath to keep your magazines and other items organised.

6. Use Mirrors:

Mirrors create an illusion of space. They bounce light across the room, making your small living room look bigger. Try positioning the mirror across a window to allow it to reflect the outside view.

7. Use Dual Purpose Storage Bins:

Use a treasure chest you found at the dollar store as an area to keep magazines or books and as a coffee table. Instead of bulky cabinets, install floating shelves for additional storage. Also, when entertaining, your desk could become a dining table.

8. Bring in a Touch of Nature:

It does not matter whether it’s an actual plant, a floral wallpaper or faux flowers you bought on sale. Bring nature inside your small living room. Add tall leafy palms in the corners or pot different herbs by the window sill.


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