There’s no denying that Emiratis have a unique affinity with islands, and why wouldn’t they? With everything from family-friendly neighbourhoods to silky seashores at the doorstep, Abu Dhabi is as sought-after as it’s gorgeous. 

Honestly, we all have been fascinated by living by the sea at least once. What if we tell you that you can now realise this dream in Abu Dhabi now? Sounds surreal, right? To end your curiosity, among the most contradictory phenomena of nature, the name of Al-Reem Island stands tall. 

Al-Reem Island is one of the leading waterfront communities in Abu Dhabi and straightforwardly boasts luxury. Besides the incredible island at its call, the community is home to many commercial and residential developments. While referring to residences, how can we forget the stunning villas in Al Reem Island that speak for themselves? 

Let’s find out more about this sea-view villa community in Abu Dhabi:

Reasons to Choose Al Reem Island – A Sea-view Villa Community in Abu Dhabi 

 A Sea-view Villa Community in Abu Dhabi

  • Enjoy The Luxury Of A Waterfront Lifestyle

Al-Reem Island is sparsely populated, deliciously designed, and utterly irresistible for those seeking a true escapade from urbanity. Residents can spend the afternoon marvelling over the interiors of foreign-styled villas while evening allows lying on the refreshing sand of the shores. The weather here is always perfect; it rarely falls below 60 degrees. And so, properties here are ideal for the ones who cherish their privacy and love staying outdoors.

  • Get your Kids Admitted to the Best Schools

Many families residing in this sea-view villa community in Abu Dhabi are attracted to its easy accessibility to kindergartens, schools, and universities. Institutes like Playhour Nursery, Hummingbird Nursery, and The Repton Schools have gained considerable fame in a short period. Additionally, there’s no need to stress over the higher studies of your children since Al-Reem owns the prestigious Sorbonne University of Abu Dhabi.  

  • Easy Access To Basic Lifestyle Amenities

Residents of Al Reem Island lead a life filled with convenience. Thanks to its world-class amenities, there’s a separate Barbeque area for villas and a private garden. So, throwing a birthday party and celebrating special events is no more a hassle as no neighbours will accuse you of the undesirable environmental noises. Besides the gorgeous waterfront, living in a villa is probably one of the greatest perks. 

  • Take Your Pets for a Morning Walk 

One of the main advantages of settling in this sea-view villa community in Abu Dhabi is that you’re allowed to tag your furry friend along. It means that it’s a pet-friendly neighbourhood and requires no legal documentation.

Isn’t that amazing that aside from keeping that within the premises, you can also take them on a stroll to recreational areas like Al-Reem Central Park for a morning run? 

Being blessed by unique fountains, giant palm trees, and top-notch architecture, Al-Reem Central Park is a sight to behold. 

  • Make Your Weekends Memorable By Dining Outdoors

Besides the natural beauty, this sea-view villa community in Abu Dhabi has plenty of top-notch eateries to accommodate your cravings. Some of the best ones include Smoking Doll, Nando’s, Natural Kitchen, and Poke, to name a few. 

On the other hand, the giant Boutik Mall has a wide range of cuisines to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for local cuisine, Chinese, Italian, or anything, restaurants here are competent to fill the void of your appetite. 

  • Opt for an Exciting Run Alongside the Waves

As mentioned earlier, Al-Reem Island is a resident-centric place, so it bends more towards the occupants rather than the commercials. One of this community’s best services is probably the island’s connectivity to the canals via foot trail. 

Since the foot trail is ideal for running, jogging, and walking, it’s easy for villa residents to opt for it without any second thoughts. Central Park is all you’ll have if you’re not into the foot trail.  

  • An Adventurous Sightseeing on Electric Scooter

Are you hoping to witness the entire island community before sunset? If so, you might want to get on the thrilling electric scooter. You will find them at several spots on the island. Even if you’re a visitor of this villa community, you can rent one and explore its beauty. 

However, you’ll need to download the Cric app to operate these scooters. Once the ride is over, the administration will charge a minimal fee on your end. With little or no traffic, the community prioritises solitude. Although the ride will be utterly safe, there’s no need to create undesirable noises. Make a secure experience for you and your neighbours too. 

  • Catch Some Sunshine at the Beach

Treat yourself with beach stuff if you’ve run out of activities at your villa. There’s nothing better than waving off the departing sunshine with a grim. Settled on the island’s northern coast, Reem Beach is naturally chiselled with shiny white sand and crystal blue waves.

You can either opt for swimming, rent a kayak, float on a paddleboard, or just lay back and absorb the surroundings. Are you willing to encounter the beauty on foot? There’s a walkway adjacent to the beach, which allows looking out on the ocean over its entire length.

Final Verdict

One of Abu Dhabi’s most iconic destinations, the Al-Reem island is the perfect slice of island life. And living in the extravagant villas works like putting a cherry on the top of the cake. While travelling to this island community is bound to be an unforgettable experience, what about leading a life here? 

Considering all the perks mentioned above of this sea-view villa community in Abu Dhabi, no one would want to risk the opportunity. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than experiencing marine life in their natural habitat, swimming with sea lions, and snorkelling with turtles.

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