Far from bed and breakfasts and sleepy hotels in small towns, the hotels on this list are the biggest in the world. They have thousands of rooms and include some of the newest and most beautiful hotels built recently, as well as some iconic long-standing hotels. What is the biggest hotel in the world? Which hotels have the most rooms? These biggest hotels in the world can be found everywhere in from Asia to the United Stats, and, not surprisingly, many are located in Las Vegas. Next are the world’s 10 biggest hotels based on the count of their guest rooms.

10. Las Vegas- The Excalibur with 3,981 Rooms

One of the best and grandest hotels in the city of Las Vegas is The Excalibur. This hotel with medieval-theme has started in 2008 which makes it operational for 10 years already. According to the reviewers, this hotel hasn’t attained yet its maximum potential and certain enhancement can undeniably raise hotel’s stock. This hotel with 28 floors possesses 3,981 rooms in its two towers.

9. Las Vegas- The Venetian with 4,027 Rooms

The Venetian Hotel is located on the path down towards the Excalibur, and it presents a different ambiance and theme to their guests. This 5-star rated hotel is one of the expensive institutions which offers a place to stay in Las Vegas and the minimum charge of room per night starts at $163.

8. Thailand- The Ambassador City with 4,210 Rooms

This hotel is built on a property in Pattaya, Thailand covering 40-acre, the Ambassador City takes glory in its 4,210 rooms split evenly and all equally divided in the 4-wing of the establishment and each wing differs in theme, adding various character for the hotel.

7. Las Vegas – The Mandalay Bay with 4,337 rooms

This hotel with 43 floors perhaps is the heart of Vegas, shopping, fusing entertainment, gambling, and dining into one satisfying package. Mandalay Bay hotel brags their 4,337 rooms and shows off a convention center which belongs to the biggest in the U.S., additionally a chapel, shopping area, spa, pool, and a large-scale casino.

6. Las Vegas – The Luxor with 4,400 Rooms

The Hotel Luxor is located in Las Vegas with close proximity to the topnotch hotels like The Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. This Egyptian-themed institution knows ways to stand out. It is built in the year 1993 and is highlighted by a Sphinx replica and its pyramid structure, it already has 3 stars and a half for their service.

5. Las Vegas – The Wynn & Encore with 4,748 Rooms

Wynn started in 2005 and Encore in 2008, these sister hotels operate less than 10 years and yet both have found a notable success particularly in the luxury hotel accommodations market. Joined together, they have a total of 4,748 rooms and is branded “Gold List” Suites.

4. Orlando – Disney All-Star Resorts with 5,658 Rooms

Theme parks may be the last thing on anyone’s mind when they discourse about hotels, but it’s an exception when it comes to Disney All-Star Resort located in Orlando, Florida. This Disney theme park comprises three resorts joined into one in which each has their own theme. These are the Disney’s All-Star Music, All-Star Movies, and All-Star Sports Resorts.

3. Malaysia- The First World Hotel with 6,118 Rooms

This fun and colorful first World Hotel is situated in Pahang Malaysia, built near the Genting theme park and visitors can march down towards the park and take their part with lots of fun, excitement and enjoyable moments. Some sections of this hotel are under renovation but still, they have fully functional 6,118 rooms.

2. Las Vegas- MGM Grand & Signature with 6,772 Rooms

The MGM Grand was built in 1993 with four towers and has 30 levels each. There is a total of 6,772 rooms for guest at the Grand MGM. The iconic hotel is the largest in Vegas and it’s a common venue for a lot of events and performances which includes concerts and boxing matches.

1. Moscow- The Izmailovo with 7,500 Rooms

This hotel has 7,500 rooms and has four towers with 30 levels each. It takes time before they can surpass this number. Each tower is named Gamma-Delta, Vega, Beta and Alfa based on the Greek alphabet. Built on previous Romanov land, this is where the Olympic athletes stayed during 1980 Olympiad.

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