Renting a house in Dubai is one of the most important steps you have to take as an expat in the UAE. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Dubai or are a seasoned expatriate it’s always better to ensure that you follow the proper channels for renting a house in Dubai.
Laws and regulations regarding renting a house in Dubai keep changing time to time, therefore let us help you fully prepare to the steps required to rent a house in Dubai.

Renting a House in Dubai through an Agent There are a lot of websites in UAE and Dubai that provide services to find a house in Dubai but we suggest that you to find an agent who you know and trust as it makes the whole process of finding a house and fulfilling legal requirement smoother.

There are thousands of villas and apartments in Dubai for rent. On each website you can find listings of villas and apartment available for rent. Many people get frustrated and confused while making a buying decision due to the plethora of listings available.

Experts suggest that going for a trusted agent in these circumstances gives you the required confidence. It goes without saying that you need to provide the exact details of the house you’re looking for along with the budget.

Keeping your options open by partaking in multiple visits to open houses and show-villas is a must in your house hunting. It not only gives you a chance to check out the property but also to familiarize yourself with the community as well.

It is possible that a 4M type villa is more suited to your  requirements as compared to a 4E Type. Do not shy away from asking questions from your agent as well as the broker and always give your honest feedback.

Once you decide then make an offer

renting house dubai

Once you found the right house or villa in Dubai, do not waste any time in placing your offer on the table. Given the extremely fast pace of the Dubai real estate industry, you might end up losing out on your dream house. It might seem odd, but carrying your cheque book with you will have its advantages.

Renting a house in Dubai – Offer accepted

Once your landlord accepts your offer, next you need to provide the following documents to create a legal contract.

1. Residency Visa
2. A Copy of your passport
3. Emirates ID
4. 5% Deposit cheque of the rental Value (if unfurnished)
5. 10% Deposit cheque of the rental Value (if furnished)
6. 5% agency fee of the rental value, for example, assume you have rented an unfurnished property in Dubai that costs you 130,000 AED per annum, then you need to pay 6,500 AED to the agent and 6,500 AED as a deposit.

After all this has been shared with the agent, then your tenancy contract will be drafted and sent over to you for final approval.

Signing the rental house contract

Once you and the owner of the house (landlord) sign the tenancy contract, next you will need to register your lease with the Ejari and also connect with your Dubai electricity and water authority ( DEWA)
Remember, DEWA deposit will vary according to the type of house you have chosen. For example if you are renting a house in Dubai, then the deposit will be 4,000 AED and an admin fee of 130 AED.

On the other hand, if you are renting a apartment, then the deposit fee will be 2,000 AED but the admin fee would remain the same. The fee for Ejari is 215 AED.

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