To buy a property in the UAE means you are going to invest a lot of capital. Whether you’re looking to move or invest, it’s something that requires utmost attention and thinking. Because it’s imperative that the situation goes perfectly without any margin of error or future compromise. You shouldn’t think twice about hiring a professional real estate agent. An agent is a reliable property finder in UAE. However, finding a reliable agent doesn’t solve all your problems right there. Let’s face the facts. The agent needs their commission and will, therefore, have an incentive in ensuring that the deal goes through. Your longevity and prosperity are not their primary priority or focus. It’s you that the situation calls upon.

You need to take some extra steps to ensure that you’re not making a regrettably wrong decision. A lot of people make mistakes while buying a property for sale in UAE. Your agent is bound by law to tell you the truth and do his research well. If you’re unsatisfied with their research and lack of knowledge, change the agent and don’t make a mistake. Before you go visiting potential houses, make sure that you have the agent explain everything to you. If you’re unsure about the things you should know or ask them, here are a few things you’ll find useful. These are some of the important questions you must ask them before striking a deal with them. While you’re asking these, make sure that you look at the agent with a look that demands truth and explanation.

The Reason for Selling Property:

           One of the important things that you should know about a house is the reason for the owner to sell. The agent might not be able to answer the question but if they do have an idea, you’ll understand better. For example, if the owners are going overseas to work or having financial problems, they’d be easier to negotiate with. You should welcome any and all information regarding the property and the seller to make a well-informed decision.

Something Peculiar About the House:

           There are a lot of things to consider about the house before you think about buying it. To begin with, start with the house and ask details about every essential room in the house. It’s possible that the agent shows you the house pointing out the best points. Time to ask the hard questions and get them to tell you all the bad features. It could be anything from a leak in the basement to fuse shortages or nearby sewage problems. Which brings us outside the house, where your concern is the neighbourhood. Ask the agent and even the local neighbours and shopkeepers about the house and the neighbourhood.

           Similarly, this question can also get the agent to instantly talk about the disadvantages of the house. Tell them to level with you and talk about future developments in the area. It could be that the appeasing greenery and open areas are going to have shopping plazas or maybe become a sewerage plant. Future plans are of importance because they will affect you not just directly, but the value of your house later.

Conduct a Property Analysis Before Buying:

           An agent needs to do their homework on the property that they’re going to show their clients. You can ask them about the depreciation or appreciation in the value of the property in the last few years. This can give you a clear view of the bigger picture in the longer run. You can determine the exact value of the property and possibly predict future market prices.

           Another question you can ask here is the duration for which the property has been on the market. If the property has been on the market for a while now, it’s usually for a noteworthy reason. There must be something wrong with it that you don’t see yet, or maybe they’re charging way too much. Perhaps the owner is a bit of a character.

What’s Included When You Bought a Home?

           Suppose you like the house and when you’re done with the payment, you bring everyone to your new house. Now you notice that the decorative statues in the backyard are gone, the aesthetically pleasing faucets are absent too. Furthermore, they’ve taken down the wallpaper of the living room too. This is a situation that you wouldn’t want to land into. Therefore, it’s not wrong to ask what you’re paying for. Be plain and simple while asking the agent what’s included in the price. It is their job to find out exactly what the seller is listing and what they’ll take after the transaction.

What’s the Lowest They’ll Go For?

           Again, this is another question that the agent might not be able to answer unless it’s a really good agent. Ask them the lowest figure that the seller is willing to go for. A lot of owners willing to sell their properties hire agents and give them a figure they can’t go below. Agents then act on their own and try to get the seller the highest price. So, to actually start negotiating, you need the lowest price first. That’s how any experienced person in the field of marketing begins negotiating.

What’s the Best Offer They Got?

           It won’t hurt to ask the agent what the competition is like. If you feel like you’re bidding on something that’s already going for a high price, you’ll save time. Similarly, if you like the place you can have that information and make an offer to the owner that they can’t refuse.  

Who Was Living Here Before and For How Long?

           It might not matter a lot for some people but it helps to know how many people have had the house. The more hands the property has changed, the more repair and maintenance work has been done. Furthermore, it can help you figure out if there were a lot of parties involved with the house. Dig in and find out as to why they all left the house.

After getting answers to all of these questions, it’s safe to say that you have a clear idea of what situation you’re in. Thanks to a little inquisitive nature, you’re now able to make a very well-informed decision; one that will stay with you for a long time.

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