For most people, moving to a new home is an exciting phase, particularly if it is bigger and better than the previous one. However, the entire process of moving, be it in a luxury apartment or a villa in Dubai can become a nightmare if not handled properly.

While many focus on decluttering, sorting and packing their stuff in their old home, they tend to neglect the new property they’re moving to. It needs to be properly maintained and in a proper liveable condition before you’re relocating. If there are any issues or improvements, they should be tackled prior to moving as managing them once you have settled can prove to be rather difficult.

Here’s a list of property maintenance must-dos you must carry out before relocating:

Get Walls Repainted

Check any listing for houses for sale in Dubai, and you would see that most of them have the same wall colours. This makes them look identical, even if the layout and design are different. So, if you want to give your home a new look, start with giving it a new lick of paint. And, of course, this should be done before you have relocated.

Giving your home a new paint will add an element of personalisation. However, if you have gotten your home painted before, you would know how difficult the entire process can be. There’s a lot of clutter involved, and the room that’s painted becomes unusable till the paint job is done. This is why it is a better idea to go through this procedure before you have shifted.

Get Necessary Repairs for Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathrooms and the kitchen are the most frequently used areas in a home. Thus, make sure they are in perfectly workable conditions. Pay a visit to the house for sale in Dubai you have secured a deal for and check all the fixtures and fittings, particularly in these two areas. See that the faucets work property and there is no leakage. Also, inspect the cabinets and check if they need any repair or overhauling.

Although you should pay attention to these aspects while viewing a property, prior to selecting, still it is never too late. If there are prevalent issues, make sure to get them repaired and fixed before moving.

Fix Curtains

You don’t have to be a home décor expert to know the fact that curtains play an integral part of a dwelling’s overall look and appeal. The right type of curtains, in the right fitting and appropriate colours, can add value to your home and uplift its décor to a great extent and vice versa.

So, do the curtain shopping before moving to a new place. For this, take accurate measurements of the windows. Also, don’t delay the fixing part. A lot of people leave this task for later stages, once they have settled. But, we recommend taking care of this matter in the earlier stages, solely because it will save you from the hassles.

Remember the fact that fixing curtains or blinds require expertise. It’s not just hooking a piece of cloth on a window. And in most cases, you would need the help of an experienced professional who would come with their set of tools to fix them. So, while you’re getting other maintenance work in the property, it’s better to get curtains fixed too.

Buy and Place White Goods

If the housing unit that you have selected isn’t furnished, you would need to buy new white goods i.e. large appliances, unless of course, you don’t have them already. In this case, buy and place them in their appropriate places before settling. Make sure you are taking accurate measurements before buying them so that they can fit seamlessly in your new home.

Get Lighting Fixtures Installed

You would have a lot up your sleeve after you have moved in. There will be unpacking hassles and then placing belongings in different rooms. All this is going to make you the entire process very stressful. So, it is better to do some of the tasks, such as getting lighting fixtures installed beforehand. This way, a bright and well-lit home will welcome you when you’re relocating.

To sum it up, most people focus on tips to buy a new residential property in Dubai. Still, very few pay attention to maintenance, which holds equal, if not more, attention. So, get the house completely ready, from the maintenance perspective as well, before moving.

Also, a commonly asked question, particularly by renters, is that is my landlord responsible for property maintenance? In most cases, the answer is yes. However, as a tenant, you should discuss such details with them beforehand. Even if they have handed over the responsibility of maintenance to you, there may be some restrictions or limitations pertaining to what you can do and what, not vis-à-vis maintenance. So, it’s always a better idea to have everything mentioned in the contract. 

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