• New tenancy rules for registering cohabitants now implemented.
  • Property managers, developers, and tenants are required to register cohabitants.
  • There’s no requirement to change the tenancy contract.
  • The rules apply to both owned and leased properties.

Dubai: DLD has recently announced new tenancy rules for cohabitants across the emirate. The notice came into circulation on 23rd September, and tenants were given a two-week time period to register themselves.

The trend of multiple inhabitants occupying a single rental property isn’t exactly new. Many people rent properties in Dubai with other tenants in order to reduce their living costs. It’s mostly expats who have come to the emirate in search of professional opportunities. However, by implementing these new tenancy rules for cohabitants, the authority aims to create and maintain a comprehensive statistical record of people living in Dubai.

Everything about New Tenancy Rules for Cohabitants in Dubai

What Should the Registration Include?

According to the new tenancy rules for cohabitants, the registration must include the following information about co-occupants:

  • Their complete names
  • Emirates ID numbers

In case they do not have Emirates ID, passport numbers can be used for registration purposes.

Who Can Register?

As per the notification issued by DLD, owners, property management firms, developers, and tenants are required to register the details pertaining to cohabitants. This applies to both leased and owned properties in Dubai.

How to Register?

The process to register cohabitants, as per the new tenancy rules for cohabitants, requires them to download the Dubai REST application on their smartphones.

The entire process can be completed by following these steps:

  • Open the REST app
  • Select “Individual” as your role. (Logging in with the UAE pass will give you quick access)
  • Select the rental property
  • Choose “Manage co-occupants.”
  • Tap on “Add More”. This will allow you to add cohabitants to the rental property.
  • Enter Emirates ID/passport numbers along with the date of birth of cohabitants.
  • Select “Verify”.
  • Next, add all family members who live in the selected rental property.

If you want to delete an already added member, tap on the “delete icon” and press the submit button.

This process doesn’t require tenants or landlords to update the tenancy contract. Once you have registered the cohabitants, the tenancy contract will be updated automatically.

Who’s Included in the Registration?

The new tenancy rules for cohabitants allow residents to register all family members living in a property along with any domestic help they have hired as well. Those living in rental properties for more than one month, even if they are on a visit to Dubai, are also required to register.

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