COVID-19 or not, relocating in Dubai has always proved to be a task full of challenges and hassles. Whether you are moving to a chic apartment in a posh neighborhood or a spacious villa located in a serene community, the process of relocation must be managed properly for it to be completed in a smooth and seamless manner.

Due to this pandemic the world is suffering from, the process of relocating has become even more challenging. With the increased risk of getting infected from the novel coronavirus, it is now necessary to follow additional precautionary practices at the time of relocation. Here, we have shed light on some of them:

Get Your New Home Sanitized

Generally, people opt for regular cleaning services before shifting to a new home. However, in the age of COVID-19, you must make extra efforts to get it thoroughly sanitized. It will make sure your new home is disinfected and germ-free. Many companies in Dubai offer deep cleaning services. They thoroughly clean each and every surface of the living space using special equipment. So, after you have secured a deal for the best property for sale in Dubai, get such a service for your new home to be sure that you can relocate to it without any risk of getting infected. While selecting the cleaning company, ask them about the cleaning material they use. It should be safe and approved by the government of the UAE.  

Hire Professional & Licensed Movers

A trusted way to minimize all the hassles and stress brought by the relocation phase is to hire a professional moving company. They are equipped with the latest equipment and implement safe practices to ensure all your belongings are shifted to the new address in a hassle-free and damage-free manner. They can also pack your belongings in cushioned boxes and unpack them at the destination safely.  

One of the top reasons why you should rely on a professional company, particularly in the current times is that they conduct health screenings of each mover and packer before they are available at your service. Not only this, but the vehicles used by them to relocate belongings are also sanitized. Furthermore, staff members are equipped with disposable gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizers at all times. They are trained to follow SOPs and guidelines as imposed by the government. Hence, social distancing norms are adopted by them. You may also receive a questionnaire by them containing questions related to your international travel history and experiencing any symptoms similar to that of COVID-19.

Before you hire a moving company, ensure it is licensed by relevant authorities and enjoys a good reputation for their services.

Rely on a Professional Handyman

Just like hiring the services of professional movers plays an integral part in making the relocation process a hassle-free one, relying on a professional handyman can also help you in this regard. A handyman can prove to be helpful in more than one way when you have relocated to a new place. Several tasks such as installing new light bulbs, hanging curtains, mounting TVs, fixing shelves and other fixtures can be performed by them.

Before you hire them, ensure they are aware of social distancing norms and equipped with proper safety gears such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers.

Get Pest Control Services

Whether you are looking for villas, townhouses or apartments for sale in Dubai, chances are that your new living space will be home to pests such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, rodents, and termites. There is a high probability of facing such a situation if the property had been vacant for some time. In this case, hiring pest control services before shifting can turn out to be a viable idea. Not taking care of this issue in a timely manner can land you in a troublesome situation as these pests can not only affect your health but damage your belongings as well. Furthermore, termites, in particular, can damage the structure of your new home.

Ensure Insulation & Air Conditioning System is in Top-Notch Condition

Surviving the summer season without an air conditioner is a near-impossible task. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to check beforehand whether the air conditioning system in your home is in a proper condition or not. Get it serviced by professionals if it hasn’t been already. It will enhance its efficiency and reduce DEWA bills. Furthermore, make sure each room of the property is properly insulated. It also has a direct impact on the cooling efficiency of the air conditioning system and electricity consumption as well.

Following these guidelines will enable you to shift to your new home in a safe & stress-free manner.

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